Eric Byrnes to Marlins?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

While talks are ongoing for soon-to-be free agent Eric Byrnes, it seems talks have come to a stand still. Byrnes, who could receive a five year deal worth at least 40 million dollars, has been the subject of some trade talks in case no deal can be reached. The Marlins, who failed to reach a deal for Jacque Jones, are still looking for a veteran outfielder. The Marlins and Diamondbacks seem to have one of the best relationships in baseball when it comes to trading, and it could help them in a last minute deal. The Marlins are back in the back end of their division after adding hardly anyone to compete with the high spending Mets. Furthermore, the Braves always seem to put together a strong team and this year, their rookies are really coming through. Although this year is lost, adding a big name player like Byrnes could really help their team in '08.


timy1 1:22 AM CDT  

i think it will be good for the Marlins to get Byrnes, and sign him long term. with all the money flying in free agency it'll be a steal for the Marlins. as a bay area native i would love to see Byrnes staying near the bay area.

timy1 1:23 AM CDT  

*but sadly, as a bay area guy i wish he would be a giant*

Anonymous 10:53 AM CDT  

dbacks wont trade byrnes... that is a guaranteed... most rumors are just that, rumors and usually have no validity. Unless DBacks get Willis which is unlikely, Byrnes is going nowhere.

Anonymous 4:40 PM CDT  

if the Marlins get BYRNES and Carlos Gonzalez am sure they will trade DONTRELLE WILLIS

Anonymous 10:52 AM CDT  

sorry guys byrnes is signing with the mets after this year for 3 years 42 mil

Anonymous 1:09 PM CDT  

Eli ia there any true to the Red Sox makin a deal with the Nationals that involes D. Young, R. Belliard, J. Rauch or C. Coredero, and L. Boardway or a low-level prospect in return for Brandon Moss, jon lest or a pitching propsect and jason Place

Anonymous 2:05 PM CDT  

I'd say anything is possible with Bynes right now. He would fit in well in Florida. It looks as if talks have stopped completely in Arizona. This guy, after the current season, will be one of the biggest free agents though, and I suspect teams will be ready to open their wallets in the weak market for a player like him. I'd say this would make it hard for a team like Florida to compete. Byrnes doesn't seem to be looking for the biggest deal however, as he said he'd give AZ the discount. This would be a mistake to let him go. SHould get interesting.


timy1 1:05 AM CDT  

his current season numbers will take him to the bank if he decides to go FA. he's either an idiot or one of those rare players who doesnt care about money.