LaRussa to the White Sox?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Is Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa headed to the White Sox? It doesn't seem too far-fetched to contemplate that as the Cards languish in third place in the weak Central division and Ozzie Guillen is floundering with the White Sox, less than 2 years after winning the World Series. LaRussa is an long-time personal favorite of Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and not feeling particularly tied to the Cards, or so it seems. He turned down an offered contract extension and may be looking beyond the Cardinals era for himself.


Q 3:41 PM CDT  

The Reds might have an interest in him too.

Eli 3:45 PM CDT  

He started in Chicago and would probably favor a big market team like Chicago

Anonymous 7:58 PM CDT  

hmmm larussa for buerhle!!

Unknown 9:48 AM CDT  

LaRussa lives on the west coast in the off season. I'd assume he'd want to go out there if he goes anywhere after the Cardinals.

Anonymous 12:45 AM CDT  

Will the White Sox pay big money for a manager. Their history says NO.

Anonymous 8:38 AM CDT  

If you check his history, he doesn't do extensions. He has always said he will negotiate contracts on a season by season basis

he'll stay with the cardinals for 1 more year, then him and jocketty are out