White Sox GM Takes Responsibilty for Lost Season

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sox GM Ken Williams came to Cleveland to, as he put it, "face the music" after last night's game, where the Sox had a 11-2 lead and barely won 11-10. "My manager shouldn't have to be standing up with his palms in the air, and my pitching coach, and some of my position players, wondering what's going on without me being here to answer the questions directly." He went on to say that he had put the team together, he felt responsible. "I'm not calling them losers, but they're not ready to win." This is the same guy who built a championship team a mere two seasons ago. Such is baseball.


timy1 6:33 PM CDT  

when was their losing season not his fault? Gms should take most of the credit whether it be good or bad.

Anonymous 8:26 PM CDT  

All a GM can do is go out and get the players. If some players don't play up to expectations or are injured like most of the guys on the white sox are, how can you blame the GM? It isn't his fault if his players don't play up to their potential. If he does nothing to fix it, THEN you can blame the GM