Cubs Acquire Catcher Jason Kendall

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Chicago Cubs, in need of a catcher since trading Michael Barrett for Rob Bowen acquired Jason Kendall tonight in trade for Bowen and a minor league pitcher. The A's will also pick up part of Kendall's salary. Both catchers are struggling this season, with Kendall hitting just .226, his worst year in 12 seasons. His strength is in handling pitchers and the proverbial "change of scenery" could help his bat. The Cubs brought up catcher Geovany Soto just this week and were carrying 3 catchers on the roster. Bowen, Soto and Koyie Hill have a combined 4 hits since being brought in to replace Michael Barrett.


Anonymous 9:11 PM CDT  

with sheets on the shelf who is gonna start in his position.

timy1 11:25 PM CDT  

wow the cubs finally get a non slugger

Anonymous 4:07 PM CDT  

wow struglign jason kendall on the cubs

John Y. 5:48 PM CDT  

How could the Cubs possibly think that Jason Kendall on their team in ANY capacity is going to help?

timy1 8:39 PM CDT  

it's actually a great move. they did not give up too much in getting him, and Oak takes part of his salary. he will also be a fa next year. he works great with pitchers, and he gets on base more than other catchers. now the cubs are a little more balanced than when they had Barret.

Anonymous 12:02 PM CDT  

good move god bless the cubs and jason kendall