Breaking News: Mariners Sign Ichiro

Friday, July 13, 2007

For weeks, General Manager Bill Bavasi has held talks with Ichiro about renewing his contract and in the last 48 hours, they made a major break through in negotiations. Today, the Mariners were happy to announce that they had signed Ichiro to a five year deal, worth 90 million dollars. "While I don't believe this is Ichiro's final contract, I do think today's signing is a big step in assuring he will spend his entire career here in Seattle," he said. "He is both an offensive force, and a Gold Glove outfielder. It is great news for our organization and our fans that he will be here in Seattle for another five years." Ichiro said early this season that he hopes to pitch when he is forty, so this won't be his last deal. This season, Ichiro is batting .355 with 5 HR and 39 RBI.


KevinGillman 5:09 PM CDT  

Eli, where is the news about the Indians extending Hafner's contract?

timy1 9:06 PM CDT  

18 mill a year for a leadoff type hitter. and just b/c he hit that inside the field HR @ the allstar game. what is Seattle thinking? rewarding him for being lucky?

Anonymous 12:57 AM CDT  

bad extension... Do the M's really think Ichiro will be able to put up 30+ SB and get his 200 hits when he is 37?

Anonymous 12:20 AM CDT  

wake you posters...its all about keeping butts in those seats at SAFECO Field.He brings in revenue...doesnt always mean what he's worth on the field.Alot of teams overpay...look at the Yankees.