Bedard, Roberts Trade Update

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The trade for Erik Bedard is not official, and probably won't be until the end of the week. It appears the Orioles brought Jones into Baltimore to check out his hip, and assuming that goes well, Bedard should be in Seattle by Monday. What happened earlier this week was probably just miscommunication by Jones and the reporters in Venezuela. Still, it seems like a deal will get done. Yes Orioles owner and "co-GM" Peter Angelos has to sign off on the trade but I think the Orioles realize that if they do not make a trade soon, the offers will only get worse. By trading Bedard, they clear up money to make a splash in the upcoming off seasons that feature better talent.

According to one MLB executive, the Brian Roberts trade to the Cubs hinges on the Erik Bedard trade. He believes that the trade would send Felix Pie, Sean Gallagher, and one minor league prospect to the Orioles for Roberts. Another good move for the Orioles, who would then have a solid lineup that has the potential to be very good in the future. Not only that, but they would clear up even more money, and ship out a possible distraction because Roberts' name was featured in the Mitchell Report. Here is what their lineup would like that after the two trades:

DH Aubrey Huff
C Ramon Hernandez
1B Kevin Millar
2B Eider Torres/Minor Leaguer
3B Melvin Mora
SS Luis Hernandez
LF Adam Jones/Luke Scott
CF Adam Jones/Felix Pie
RF Nick Markakis

SP Daniel Cabrera
SP Sean Gallagher
SP Adam Loewen
SP Troy Patton
SP Jeremy Guthrie/Matt Albers

I don't think they will be surprising anyone in the division in 2008, but they might be able to compete with the Blue Jays for third if some of the guys live up to their potential. Trading Roberts puts a hole at second base, and it is possible that prospect Eider Torres would take over, but probably unlikely. Don't read to much into this, it is still a long way from being over.

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Anonymous 8:07 PM CST  

IF the orioles pull of those trades, they along with the yankees,red sox, and rays, will be competing for 1st and 2nd.


Anonymous 8:07 PM CST  

sorry in the future..not in '08

Anonymous 8:34 PM CST  

The O's are a disaster. The Rays WILL beat them in 08.

P-Ram 8:39 PM CST  

why would guthrie not be a lock in in the rotation besides bedard he was there best starter

Anonymous 8:46 PM CST  

"It appears the Orioles brought Jones into Baltimore to check out his hip..."

Ummm, any source for this? I can't find any confirmation online that Jones went anywhere near Baltimore.

Matt 8:53 PM CST  

Ms fan, Bavasi hater. I hope that this trade doesnt happen. Jones is a perrenial allstar in 2-3 years time. Sherril is a top releiver and Tillman is a 5 star prospect. If they give up Clement I will be furious. Bedard is not worth the talent in the deal, allthough we need an ace to help Felix. I dont feel we can compete with the angels with Bedard so why trade our future, Oh yeah so Bavasi can save his job for a half a year. If the Os owner doesnt make this trade he is insane, The Os cannot compete for the 2 years they have Bedard, He will leave, and the potential they will receive in return will not come around for Bedard before the all star break and most likely not after. If Bedard stays healthy and logs 200 plus innings and we resign him for a few more years then it will be a decent trade, But the chance of that happening is less likely than Jones being a top talent for 8 plus years. Add 2 of the 3 others living up to there potential That could be a great Deal for the Os. Thoughts>?

Anonymous 9:53 PM CST  

why does this crap have to take so damn long

Anonymous 10:14 PM CST  

first poster, i dont see how you think these trades make the orioles contenders all of a sudden. trading allstars for future stars does not make you better right now

Anonymous 10:57 PM CST

Anonymous 11:37 PM CST  

In what world does that lineup contend with the Blue Jays? Or anyone?

That team loses 95 games this year.

BTW, Guthrie and Cabrera is one/two. And that's a bad one/two.

Bobert 3:08 PM CST  

The Ray's are looking better then the O's even if the trades dont happen.

theprez9 3:46 PM CST  

IF Cabrera is the top dog.... we ARE in trouble!!

Sam 4:20 PM CST  

Eli do us a favor and when you interview jim hendry tell him not to make that trade, instead get good coaching for Eric Patterson and there is your younger brian roberts

rightwingrick 8:52 PM CST  

My reading is that the Bedard deal was hung up because the O's thought they might still get Bedard to sign a long term deal, and wanted to take one last shot. The O's aren't going to be competitive..they are rebuilding..and Bedard will say no.

The M's will send Jones, Tillman, Sherrill and a 4th guy (my guess is relief guy/prospect Kam Mickolio or SS/prospect Oswaldo Navarro).

My take: Baltimore gets very good return, but it works for the M's too.

Jones skill set is less needed in corner OF spot, and Ichiro is in CF. Balentein is a good replacement with better plate discipline and more natural power. Tillman is a great prospect, but Morrow (who we kept) has already proven himself in major leagues and Tillman is two years away. Sherrill is very good, but is 31 and came from the independent leagues. He can be replaced by R Rohrbaugh, RR Smith, Eric O'Flaherty, R Fierabend, Jake Woods, or Cesar Jimenez...all LHP with talent.

If the M's also give up Tony Butler, they gave up too much. Anybody else not named Triunfel, Clement, Balentein, Butler, or Michael Sauders is OK.

Anonymous 12:06 AM CST  

This would be retarded for the Cubs to do.... why do we want Roberts Roided up ass anyways? Derosa performed fine last year, really well actually, and we're willing to give up young and upcoming Pie for this punk? That would be a terrible move for the Cubs.