Cubs, Orioles Trade Update

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Several outlets are reporting the Cubs are only pursuing Brian Roberts. However, the fact that rumors have been coming out everyday with a different story probably means that talks are not very far at all. We'll see, but I doubt anything gets done. The Cubs are not ones to give up too much and the Orioles are really looking for a lot in return. The Mariners seem more willing to make a trade for Bedard and it is possible they would approach them about Roberts and Bedard, although that is probably unlikely. The Cubs are reportedly looking for a right-handed hitter, and I have been hearing that Marlon Byrd and Khalil Greene are on their radar.


Anonymous 8:04 PM CST  

I just hope J.H. Trade for for one of them I would like robert
but greene is fine with me come on J.H. pull the triger

KevinGillman 8:07 PM CST  

I have a question for the Cubs fans here. Is Marlon Byrd a better player than Matt Murton? I keep reading every year, the Cubs trying to get rid of Matt, but everything I have seen tells me he can be a good player, if given the right chance. I guess Matt won't get much playing time in Chicago with Felix Pie, Alfonso Soriano, and the new Japanese RF, but certainly Matt can serve as a part time player to start the year since there is so much unknown towards both Felix and the new RF. I also feel Murton is a better player or can have a bigger imapct than a Marlon Byrd. I just want to get thoughts.

Anonymous 8:24 PM CST  

No to Byrd yes to Robert and Greene

Anonymous 8:47 PM CST  

OMG will this ever end, can they jus get a damn deal done already, damn, im sick of all these rumors, if they don
t get a deal done by this weekend ill be pissed!!!!

Robby 9:10 PM CST  

You said the Cubs are not ones to give up much. Would classify their package late last season for Steve Trachsel as about right or more on the side of too much? Me personally, I would say that was too much.

ab 9:35 PM CST  

Personally, I don't think that Roberts would be a good addition to the Cubs right now. The Cubs have a very solid team, and lineup. DeRosa is a very good and a rising second baseman, and I wouldn't like to part with young players like Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher, Felix Pie, or anyone else. The Cubs have depth right now, which will be very important later this season. Also, Roberts was listed in the Mitchell report, and right now the Cubs have zero players that were named in the report, lets keep it that way. I mean look at this team right now:

1b- Derrek Lee
2b- Mark DeRosa
SS- Ryan Theriot
3b- Aramis Ramirez
LF- Alfanso Soriano
CF- Felix Pie
RF- Kosuke Fukudome
C- Geovanni Soto

Then on the bench we have
-Eric Patterson
-Matt Murton
-Daryle Ward
-Mike Fontenot
-Ronny Cedeno
-Henry Blanco

And Look At The Pitchers...
-Carlos Zambrano
-Ted Lilly
-Jason Marquis
-Rich Hill
-Jon Lieber
-Ryan Dempster
-Neal Cotts
-Scott Eyre
-Sean Gallagher
-Angel Guzman
-Kevin Hart
-Bob Howry
-Carlos Marmol
-Sean Marshall
-Juan Mateo
-Kerry Wood
-Michael Wuertz
-Jeff Samardzija

That is a team with depth, and is a solid team. We've waited 100 years for this team...

enraged cubs fan 9:49 PM CST  

can we just get roberts and bedard yet!! we want to win now!

Yaow 10:52 PM CST  

I think Hill will be a better on this team than Bedard.

Bedard is a good pitcher no doubt but he was on the 60 day dl the end of last season. I personally would love to have both in the rotation but I wouldn't give up Hill to get Bedard. its not worth it.

I honestly think we should just get Roberts and maybe Lofton. *to help the young guys out*

Lofton is an experienced CF that is a proven left handed hitter and Roberts is a switch hitter which helps a team full of rightys.

don't forget that both Pie and Fukodome have practically no mlb experience, let alone success.

And no no no to Greene and Byrd. Rather have Theriot and Murton than those 2.

Anonymous 10:59 PM CST  

The trade for Roberts would be ridiculous, first of all we would have to give up too much, second of all once Eric Patterson matures a little he will become a very similar player to Eric Roberts. He is fast, extremely athletic, and in AAA hit for average and a decent obp. Plus to the best of my knowledge he never juiced.

Anonymous 11:28 PM CST  

To the person who asked "Is Marlon Byrd a better player than Matt Murton? "
Murton has no future with the Cubs since he can only play the corner OF spots and with Soriano and Fukudome , he's not going to see much playing time.
Cubs want Byrd because he can play center and split time with Pie who has not proven he can play everyday .
The Cubs main objective here is to get a guy who can play CF and possibly be a starter if Pie can't handle it.

Ludig, Eagle River 11:44 PM CST  

Eli- Do you know whether or not the cubs would have to give up Gallagher in the bedard trade? If so, I don't like it. I think Gallagher will be a consistent MLB starter by 2010.

Anonymous 3:19 AM CST  

Greene = 2X Roberts. If we get Roberts and not Greene, I will puke on my shoes...

Anonymous 3:54 AM CST  

Looking for a left handed hitter. No way do they need a righty...

Anonymous 12:42 PM CST  

Cubs are looking for a center fielder to split time with Pie and prefer a right handed bat there.
But they are NOT just ooking to add a right handed bat to the team .
They actually wanted to add a left handed bat and speed and thats why there was so much interest in Roberts because he gives you both.
Greene is a guy they were interested in before and actually drafted so there is just speculation they would have interest in him now.
To the people who say they'd rather have Murton than Byrd.
I like Murton but he can't play center and thats what they are looking for and the reason he'll likely be traded.

KevinGillman 1:30 PM CST  

in terms of Byrd playing CF, Kenny Lofton is a better alternative, plus he can lead off for the Cubs, which if they don't get Roberts they still need. Can Felix lead off?

Anonymous 3:01 PM CST  

Too bad all papers from Chicago are reporting that the cubs are going are both bedard and roberts. This is a crock, this whole website is a crock.

Anonymous 3:43 PM CST  

The Cubs already HAVE a lefty CF. He can't hit lefty pitching. They need a righty.

Anonymous 5:04 PM CST  

He is right the Cubs aren't ones to give up too much talent for a player. with the Trachsel trade last year, it honestly was crap for crap. Sure they Cubs gave up too much crap for Trachsel, but they still gave up nothing. Cherry would have been released by now, Moore has no future on the Cubs, and Reinshaw is a below average A-ball pitcher who will probably never make it to the majors.

Anonymous 6:10 PM CST  

if the cubs want to win now they have to improve more I believe that they have a good team to win the division but not a word series

Yaow 8:33 PM CST  

is murton to slow or doesn't have the range or what? usually they can teach guys that in ST. I just haven't seem him play a lot since he wasn't around last year.