Final Game at Yankee Stadium Will Be...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The NHL and Yankee representatives are working towards an agreement that will allow a hockey game to be played at Yankee Stadium next winter. But doesn't that mean that that will make it the last game ever played at the Yankee Stadium? However, it appears the COO Loon Trost is interested, and teams are lining up to play there. Personally, I would love to think the Yankees won the final game ever played there, not the New York Rangers, but it doesn't bother me like Yankee fans. I am sure some Yankee fans are Rangers fans as well, and might attend the game if it is played. I don't know, lets hear from some Yankee fans on this one...


Andrew V. 12:28 PM CST  

As a Mets fan, I even find that disgusting.

Anonymous 12:29 PM CST  

interesting point...doesn't bother me at all...seems kinda cool, willing to go, like the rangers;not a big hockey fan...there is also talk of a fight being held there as well

Greg Balloch 5:56 PM CST  

Ha ha, awesome! I would love to see this happen!

Jared 11:03 PM CST  

i find this disgusting! If they wanted to have a hockey game there, they should have scheduled it for THIS season.

Anonymous 9:49 AM CST guys are that angry about it.