Pedro Feliz Drawing Interest

Friday, January 11, 2008

Longtime Giant Pedro Feliz has been waiting patiently over the past couple months waiting for teams to make an offer. Averaging 21 homeruns over the past four seasons makes him very intriguing for a team like the Phillies, who also have a hitters friendly park. However, the Brewers are also interesting in adding him as well, and they look a lot better on paper than the Phillies do right now. A deal does not seem to be close because both teams have players blocking a spot. For the Phillies, they would have to trade Wes Helms before offering him a contract. Helms, who is being courted by the Marlins, could probably be traded if the Phillies absorbed pretty much his whole contract, but I do not know if they are willing just yet. As for the Brewers, they are interested in trading Bill Hall, but cannot seem to find a taker. I suspect the White Sox would be interested, but only to play second base. Here is a possibility. We could see the Brewers trade Bill Hall, who can play second base and outfield, to the White Sox for Crede. I didn't check their numbers yet so I cannot really tell whether more players would have to be added, but it was just a side-thought. I doubt it now after rethinking it. I think Feliz will get a two to three year deal, worth about the same as Mike Cameron, about six to seven million dollars.


Anonymous 10:28 AM CST  

I also read on that the Dodgers were also showing some interest in Feliz. Same problem in LA, as in Phillie and Milwaukee. Me as a GM, I would sign him for his glove and take the Hrs as an added bonus and also realize that the OBP is what it is.

Bucky, NY 5:47 PM CST  

Why arent there more teams interested in him. He is a versitle player worth a two year deal. Teams like the Yankees, Whitesox, Braves, Astros, Dodgers, and Brewers should seriously consider him.

Anonymous 5:07 PM CST  

Are you serious that the Brewers look better than the Phillies on paper? You have to be kidding me on that one.