Indians Hope To Lock Up Sabathia

Monday, January 7, 2008

Indians GM Mark Shapiro confirmed to the Plain Dealer that an offer had been made to CC Sabathia, but would say nothing else. I am sure the sides will exchange figures all the way up to Spring Training, if not further down the road. Sabathia is just 27, entering his prime, and could probably net a seven year deal worth 130-140 million dollars. He has never had a losing season, and has always been in double digits in wins, so that alone is worthy of a big contract. I think the Indians are willing to fork over the cash, but are not comfortable going beyond four or five years. The prime years are 28-32, so I expect to see a lot more from Sabathia and if I was an Indians fan, I would be very excited about his potential. However, if Sabathia's agents and the Indians cannot work out a deal, it is possible we could see a big trade, perhaps to the Yankees, to acquire some young prospects at the trade deadline to potentially compete with down the road.

Pirates in talks with closer Capps: The Pirates and the agents of Matt Capps are in talks over a four year contract that would keep the closer at a set price instead of going to arbitration. I think it is a good deal to keep their closer in tab, but it will be swing or miss on the contract depending on how he does over the next four seasons.


KevinGillman 1:49 PM CST  

no way would the Indians trade him, at least not until the all star break. I cannot stress enough, the Indians were one win away from going to the World Series, and that was with C.C. at the helm. It gives the Indians a big chance to go to the series this year with C.C. pitching for us. I also see Mark bending his own rules so to speak about the years, and giving him 7, if that's what it takes. Even at 32, C.C. can give the Indians some big wins, so $130 for a 7 year deal sounds very reasonable. The only way though that the Indians trade C.C. is if they aren't in the hunt at the all star break.

Anonymous 9:56 PM CST  

Might not be. Tigers are going to pull away ;)

KevinGillman 11:39 PM CST  

I think one way or the other, the Indians and Tigers will be in the hunt for the division at the end of the season. It will be closer than it was last year.