Cardinals Interested In David Wells?

Monday, January 7, 2008

After the signing of Matt Clement, the Cardinals continue their search for another starter, preferably a left hander. Although numbers have not been exchanged, I have heard there is some interest in lefty David Wells, only if he is willing to take an incentive-laden contract. They are very excited about Matt Clement and the experience he brings to the table, but would love another veteran in the back. I heard before the holidays that there was also interest in Odalis Perez, along with Eric Milton, but only if they would take a similar one year deal, loaded with incentives. Personally, I think the Cardinals are going about this the right way. They have the money, and several young pitchers who are still developing, and could make a run at the division if their pitchers come back strong. I do not know if it will happen, but it is certainly something to watch for in 2008.


jrocke217 11:17 AM CST  

i'm a big fan of your site & enjoy your rumors. this one could be a truthful rumor. cards were intersted in him when he was cut during the year last season, during the time they picked up joel pineiro & are to be rumored to be looking for another left handed arm for either rotation or bullpen.

Anonymous 5:43 PM CST  

I suppose this is a good move. I was excited when he moved over to LA, but he's definitely lost "his stuff." I am actually surprised that he plans to play another year and a team is interested in him. Regardless, he's a great pitcher and I alway dug his personality.

Hage 10:10 PM CST  

The chances of the Mulder coming back strong are as good as Bonds as the chances Bonds was clean during his HR record year. Not gonna happen. And the hope that Carp returns this season should be crushed. He's shot. Three surgeries on the shoulder. No way he'll ever be the same.