Sources: Cubs Cool On Roberts Trade?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I called around early this afternoon to find out more about the supposed Brian Roberts trade. From what I have heard, they have talked over the past week about a trade, but the Orioles continue to ask for a lot of highly regarded prospects. It is being reported by Dave Kaplan through his blog that the Orioles like Tyler Colvin, along with Rich Hill, but the Cubs are not interested. Orioles President Andy McPhail knows the Cubs organization top to bottom and knows what kind of players develop well with the coaches that are assigned down there. I talked to a well placed Cubs executive who said the Cubs have a lot invested in Felix Pie and do not have any intention of dealing him. Dave Kaplan says that Jim Hendry will not deal Rich Hill, which makes Hill and Pie off limits, two players the Orioles are believed to be asking for. Colvin was drafted in 2006 and is already in Double-A and thriving. It seems that the Cubs are not interested in acquiring a top leadoff hitter by depleting their minor league system. However, if they can come to a compromise, maybe they can agree to trade low-level prospect Tony Thomas or Eric Patterson instead of Cedeno, that might get a deal done instead of trading Hill. Although Cubs fans would probably love to see Roberts in a Cubs uniform, I do not think they want to ruin the back end of the rotation to do so. However, he is an All Star with two years left on his contract that makes the Cubs the favorites in the Central in 2008.

When I was in Nashville for the Winter Meetings, I learned that the Cubs had interest in Chone Figgins, but only if he would play center field. If the Cubs land Roberts, I think the Cubs interest in Figgins would jump, and could lead to a quick trade possibly involving Felix Pie, but probably just Donnie Veal. I'm not sure what the Cubs would have to give up or how many players, so this deal, if any, seems far away. A lot more will be determined if they acquire Roberts, and what they plan to do with Mark DeRosa.

Stay tuned.


P-Ram 8:58 PM CST  

if the cubs get all of this done....we'll be the team to beat in the national league

Anonymous 10:46 PM CST  

How about the pitching, if they trade Marshall and Gallagher in a trade for Roberts. They can't go into the season with just Demspter/ Hart as the 5th starter options.

Sessyman 11:21 PM CST  

I think they'd be the team to beat period. But as a cubs fan, I am also a huge mark derosa fan...I don't want to see him get left out in the cold as he performs really well in almost every situation he is thrown into.

Brian 8:43 AM CST  

All I can think of is giving up to much for a player and being burned, Juan Pierre trade comes to mind. Anything without Colvin, Pie, and Hill would be ok, but if Colvin is involved, Bedard better be part of the deal.

Anonymous 11:32 AM CST  

come on make the deal

Northpith 2:17 PM CST  

Yeah, but the big question, assuming all this goes through is 'what about DeRosa? He was arguably the team MVP last year, and this year . . . who knows?

The conventional wisdom is as a fill in but his playing time will have to be cut in, oh, I don't know one-eighth. Not good. Especially for what we would be giving up.