Padres After Murton?

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Padres continue to look for a long-term outfielder and have set their sights on Matt Murton. Personally, I do not blame them. Murton has the potential to be a very good outfielder in the near future. He hits for power, but can put up a good average as well. He is blocked in Chicago by Soriano and Fukudome, so has no future there. It is possible that he will be in a trade for Brian Roberts, but if the Padres come back offering a pair of pitching prospects, I am sure the Cubs would be all for it, especially if they unload their system to Baltimore. Murton, 26, hit .281 with 8 HR in 94 games for the Cubs. But in 289 career games, he has hit .296 with 28 HR and a .365 OBP. Other teams that might be eying him include the Rangers and Indians.


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stop saying Murton has power lol, you say that every time you write about him. He has NEVER had power, he is a ground ball machine.