BREAKING NEWS: Hall Welcomes Goose Gossage

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Hall of Fame today announced that they have accepted closer Goose Gossage as their latest member. Gossage got 85.8 percent of the vote, ahead of Jim Rice (72.2), Andre Dawson (65.9), and Bert Blylevlen (61.9). Gossage finished 124-107 with 1,502 strikeouts and a 3.01 ERA. He had 310 saves in 22 twenty two seasons, 17th on the all time saves list. A bigger suprise is that Mark McGuire failed to get above 25% of the vote for the second straight year, which means that the voters don't think steroid users belong in the Hall.


Anonymous 4:42 PM CST  

.....It's kind of ridiculous to think that because Macguire didn't make the hall that voters don't think steriod users should make it. I don't feel like looking up numbers, but other than his home run stats by year or total, his number aren't that great (not hall great). That assumption just can't be made until someone comes along that like Barry or Roger who has a lot of controversy around them with steriods, but were great players before they "started" using. Just my opinion though, Macguire's congress appearance didn't help either.

GOD 4:51 PM CST  

called it and it is about time

Eli 5:05 PM CST  

agreed. my reaction was emotional...not professional. you are right on that one, the steroid controversy is definitely there. but his numbers are not impressive otherwise.