Orioles Acquire Roberson

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today, the Orioles acquired speedy outfielder Chris Roberson from the Phillies in exchange for cash consideration. Roberson will probably compete for the everyday job in center, along with Payton and Redman. This trade also indicates that Corey Patterson will not be returning to Baltimore. In seven minor league seasons, Roberson has hit .278 with 33 HR and 176 SB, but is widely known for his defense. Roberson does have some work to do before he can rewarded the everyday job, but he does he could make for a solid part time player. He does not have a great plate presence, which leads to a lot of strike outs and not too many walks. Nevertheless, it is a solid pickup for the Orioles who give up next to nothing.


White Sox Cards 2:28 PM CST  

I thought he'd be a prime target for the White Sox, since they play nicely with the Phillies and Roberson would be battling for a center field spot.

Then I read about the plethora of strikeouts and the anemic walk total. Sad to say, but it sounds like a Baltimore guy.

Anonymous 8:34 AM CST  

You know its quiet on the rumor front when Chris Roberson is the lead story.

Roberson....best know for his defensive blunders against the Braves last season that cost the Phillies a critical game. Could have been a huge difference maker if the Mets hadn't squandered that lead.

Anonymous 10:21 AM CST  

As a Phillies fan, I can't say that I'm sad to see him go. He will be best remembered for misplaying a couple of fly balls as a defensive replacement in a Sept. game at Atlanta. The Phillies blew a five run lead in the bottom of the ninth inning. That might have seeled his fate with the organization.