Report: Cubs to Acquire Roberts

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

According to ESPN 1000 in Chicago, the Cubs and Orioles have reached a tentative agreement on a trade that would send Brian Roberts to the Cubs for at least three players. It sounds iffy because no players are known but it is believed that they are holding off on announcing it until this weekends Cubs Convention. The Cubs have been known to save announcements on signings and such till the Convention. Last year, it was the signing of Jeff Samardjiza, so it is possible. Also, with the signing of Jon Lieber it would make sense they would trade a pitcher like Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher. More on this as it unfolds...

UPDATE: One baseball insider confirmed through email that the Cubs would like to make another move this off season before pitchers and catchers report. He went on to say that he has not heard anything about a deal being close, but said a deal is likely to go down before the end of the month.

UPDATE 2: Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan writes that GM Jim Hendry declined to address the latest rumors that a Roberts deal was imminent.

UPDATE 3: No word yet on whether or not this is true. It seems ESPN 1000 got ahead of themselves a little bit. The Daily Herald believes the Orioles would prefer to trade Bedard before Roberts, so we will see what happens.


Anonymous 8:08 PM CST  

When you're going to completely make something up and post Baloney claiming a radio station made a report make sure they aren't airing a Bulls game at the time.

Anonymous 8:26 PM CST  

You are full of crap...

Anonymous 8:36 PM CST  

I haven't heard this on any of the updates. Where did you hear this from?

Anonymous 8:47 PM CST  

What the hell? Is this a real report or what? No other site has mentioned this "agreement."

Don't make up shit if it isn't true.

Anonymous 8:50 PM CST  

I need to see a definitive link to believe this garbage!

Anonymous 9:00 PM CST  

Just saw on ESPN that the Cubs are trading Sean Marshall, Felix Pie, and some other minor league player (sorry, didnt catch his name).

Anonymous 9:01 PM CST  

Sorry didnt mean to say Felix Pie, Mark DeRosa was the guy...

Jake 9:02 PM CST  

Please make this true, no more false rumors about Roberts!!

Anonymous 9:31 PM CST  

I'm anxiously awaiting for "more" on this you effing liar.

Anonymous 9:41 PM CST  

is this true?

J 9:45 PM CST  

how legit is this? i don't see it posted or mentioned anywhere else. hope you are right but the whole thing with getting Roberts is getting tiring.. either we get him or stay put.


Hairy Gary 9:53 PM CST  

Eli this report sounds completely BOGUS. However if it is true you were first on the scene reporting this.

Anonymous 10:38 PM CST  


Anonymous 8:26 AM CST  

Why did no one else hear this report? ESPN 1000 in Chicago is not the type of station that reports things that only get picked up by 1 website.

Your site is a joke.

Anonymous 10:21 AM CST  

no i heard was on around 4:00 p.m.

at least one site picked up on his defense

cubbie 10:51 AM CST  

so is this report true,m is it from espn 1000 or did he make it up

Eli 10:58 AM CST  

I didn't make it up...I was listening on my way home from Final Exams and heard it. Then I called around to see if it was true and didn't get much, but got a little. everything I have up there is from someone, sorry there is no link.

Anonymous 10:59 AM CST  

I heard it on my way home from was about 4:30, i think.

Anonymous 12:44 PM CST  

Harry from 'Mac, Jurko and Harry'... around 4:00PM yesterday, said that he has an undisclosed source who told him that the deal is done, and that it will be announced at the convention. He didn't have a name, or a publicly known source.

It's just his word for now.

Anonymous 3:57 PM CST  

dont be getting mad at eli all you eli bashers. he heard something and told you...

Anonymous 6:49 PM CST  

if all you people bashing Eli dont like the fact he reported something he and others heard on ESPN 1000, go to a different site then. Simply dont come here. If/When the news breaks this weekend at the convention remember who had it first...

Joe 9:49 PM CST  

I dont get why people bother wasting there time to 1) check out this site everyday and 2) comment if they think this stuff is BS or mad that there are no sources.

I'll be as pissed as the next Cub fan if the deal never happens and that this post got my hopes up... but the dude is just posting what he heard/was told.

This is a RUMOR site... you will hear RUMORS.

He even went as far as to mention in the original posting that the rumor of the deal could be iffy because none of the names going back to the Os were mentioned.

I live in Chicago. You will NEVER find any local info mentioned on ESPN Radio 1000 (local Chi sports talk station) posted on or seen on Sportscenter unless ESPN broke the story first. Radio 1000 has its own LOCAL hosts and reporters.

Finally... I wouldnt be surprised if a deal is in place but has been kept under wraps because 1) GM Jim Hendry likes to do things under the radar as much as possible. You only have to look to last off season for an example. I didnt know bout this website last off season... but I would bet the Soriano deal came out of no where for everyone. And 2) the Cubs like to officially announce players during the Cubs Convention when possible... meaning if the deal is struck right before the convention... which is this weekend in this case.