Braves Like Pirates Duffy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Braves would like to add a center field counterpart and are scouting several center fielders. I said early in the off season that they should sign Corey Patterson, but they passed on that idea. This news is very premature considering that Duffy won't even be playing until the end of the month, but if he can come back, I'm sure they will not hesitate to trade for him. The Pirates have a solid center field prospect in Andrew McCutchen, along with Nate Mclouth for the time being. In 193 games, Duffy is a career .269 hitter with 6 HR. The fact that the Braves considered giving the job to top prospect Jordon Schafer makes me think this is a short term replacement.


Anonymous 10:00 PM CDT  

I feel like this is just lazy reporting. Anyone who knows anything about the Braves knows the have an outfield surplus. Trading for a fledgling injured outfielder makes 0 sense. They're looking for a young, fast, MLB ready center fielder to counter-punch with Kotsay?

Ummm ... they already have Gregor Blanco and Josh Anderson. And by 2009, it's Jordan Schafer everyday in CF.

So a trade for Chris Duffy? Pittsburgh wishes.

Eli 10:23 PM CDT  

This is not lazy reporting. They acquired several outfield prospects along with the ones they have. They could use duffy to platoon with Kotsay and Diaz, also to provide some depth on the bench.

Anonymous 10:32 PM CDT  

They are not going to go after Duffy. If they do, I will publically apologize to Eli.

Eli 10:58 PM CDT  

Hah. I agree with you though. Duffy would not draw anything back for the Pirates that is worth their while. Duffy gives them depth, something they will need if they still plant to trade Bay and Nady sometime this season.

Anonymous 7:35 AM CDT  

The Braves have raped, plundered, and pillaged the Pirates for talent before. Isn't that what Pirates are supposed to do? It's any wonder that they would bother to deal with Atlanta at all.

Anonymous 8:33 AM CDT  

duffy will not drajew any trade interest...

Anonymous 11:07 PM CDT  

Again, this is lazy reporting. It's not on your part because you're just posting to the original report. But the original speculation is just lazy, just rehashes of a rumor that had validity over a year ago, but none now.

The Braves already have 2 players who are very similar to, as well as superior to, Chris Duffy. Both are MLB ready. Their names are Gregor Blanco and Josh Anderson. Chris Duffy would not make the MLB squad before either of those players, and that's a straight up fact. And right now, Anderson is in AAA.

Meanwhile, Brandon Jones is in AAA waiting for an opportunity to crack a platoon role with Diaz. Schafer is in AA awaiting his chance to become our everyday CF. Gorkyz Hernandez is an OF of the future, and Jason Heyward and Cody Johnson are quickly going to be making pushes for starting jobs in LF and or 1B.

So again ... why would the Braves trade for Chris Duffy. To get another player in AAA? Maybe. To help their MLB team? Certainly not, he wouldn't make the roster.