Dodgers Should Let Bowa Go

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Despite bringing in Joe Torre, the Dodgers are off to a pretty rock start. The owner is not making ridiculous claims like George Steinbrenner would be in New York, but their third base coach, Larry Bowa, has been drawing a lot of negative attention. First, he called the new rule about wearing helmets on the field ridiculous; now he is saying the new rule keeping him inside the base coach lines is "ludicrous." He was ejected last night for going off on respected umpire Ed Montague for hitting the tip of his helmet on his head, and shoving Joe Torre into him. You like to see coaches defend players, but you don't like to see coaches arguing for something they could easily adjust to. I think Bowa is just finding things to argue about, and I think he should be quiet. All third base coaches just do their job quietly, and respectfully. Joe Torre should not have to be his babysitter, and if it is a problem, then they should let him go and find a new coach. I think they could find a new coach to do the job, probably better than Bowa. Yes, Bowa is a respected coach who knows a lot about the game, but there are other available coaches that would love to work under Torre. If there is another outburst within the next month or so, I think they should let him go.


Anonymous 6:14 PM CDT  

Dude come on now, its only been 3 games. while i don't agree with how Bowa handled himself, under no circumstances should he be fired. He's an excellent coach who brings alot of experience and fire to the Dodgers. And how are the Dodgers off to a rocky start? Both Brad Penny and Derek Lowe threw solid games.
Please stop posting pointless crap like this

Anonymous 6:37 PM CDT  

disagree. this is the fire the dodgers have been missing since Lasorda. The fans loved this. it felt like old times.

Anonymous 8:08 PM CDT  


Anonymous 8:10 PM CDT  

fire like jim leyland or lou piniella fire...his fire is like bruce kim. stupid and pointless. I see experience, but I guy like Allan Trammell would do it. It is not always fire they need. The have plenty of energy in the clubhouse.

sorry, but I side with eli.

Anonymous 8:53 PM CDT  

what? second time i heard something like this today.. i think i heard it earlier on ESPN, but anyway. hes needed on the team to be the toughie and make sure everyone does what they need. this team has alot of young players and he helps reduce the number of stupid baserunning errors that happened alot last year. from what i remember ive seen a decline dumb error on the basepaths from last season.

i respect your ideas and everything and the fact that you manage such a cool blog. but im gonna disagree, i also feel that a 3 game suspension was rediculous. but i did think a suspension would come down.

Eli 9:00 PM CDT  

The suspension will come down, it is ridiculous. one game is much. I think a fine is fine. However, his outburst was unnecessary and did little for the team, in my opinion.

Anonymous 9:37 PM CDT  

Eli you're a little behind...The suspension was already handed done, 3 games, as well as the game he was ejected from wasn't last night, but two nights ago. As far as the Dodgers getting off to a rocky start, 2 - 1 is hardly a rocky start and the loss was by 1 run.

predator 7:56 AM CDT  

Larry is a real a ss a little man with a chip on his shoulder, has never been able to manage or coach a team without having every one hate him even his wife and daughter hate him

Anonymous 10:47 AM CDT  

I agree with the second commenter. This is the fire that's been missing from this team. I'm a Phillies fan and have loved the grit that Bowa has brought to the game both as player and manager. Torre brought him with him... I'll trust Joe on that one.

Anonymous 11:09 AM CDT  

No joke...agree with most of the above? This is what the Dodgers need...some fire under their asses! "Rocky start?" They're 2-1. You want to see rocky start, look at the over hyped Detroit Tigers...2 runs, batting is horrible and zero wins. It's funny, the Dodgers get zero respect these days even though overall they're one of the best organizations in baseball, and many other clubs use the Dodgers organization as their model.

Dusto Magnifico 1:30 PM CDT  

One of the biggest problems the Dodgers have had over the last few years was a coaching staff with no balls. Bowa likely crossed a line the other night, but it certainly shouldn't warrant a firing! I praise the guy for arguing his point, though he should have just stepped inside the box and then argued. He was likely pissed because of the inability of the HP umpire to call balls and strikes. Eli, the struggling Dodgers are 2-1 and going to win the WS.

Anonymous 1:43 PM CDT  

Bowa has been this type of coach ever since his days as manager of the padres. To say he should be fired only after a few games is ridiculous. He's the kind of guy who backs of for his players and they notice that. He is the perfect coach to compliment Joe Torre, who has been known as a laid back manager, and rarely shows emotion on the bench.

Anonymous 10:57 AM CDT  

To be fair, Eli said if he has another stupid outburst in the next month or so then he should be fired.