Prior Out For Season

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It does not surprise many, but Mark Prior had successful arthroscopic surgery and is done for the season. The team expects him to be ready to pitch next spring. For those of us who know Prior however, it is unlikely we will see him until May or June of 2008. "It's not career-ending," Hendry said Wednesday. "[Andrews] felt optimistic that he would be able to pitch next year. A couple hours after surgery, [Andrews] wasn't going to give you a time frame. He didn't think there was anything significant to stop Mark from pursuing his career, and at his age, should not have a problem responding and coming back after probably a strenuous rehab." Prior, 26, has been on the disabled list every year since 2002, and it goes on this year and most likely next year as well.


KevinGillman 5:08 PM CDT  

okay honestly, this is an Indians fan here so I don't see Prior pitch as often. What is the reasoning behind his and Wood's injuries? Is it simply overusing on Dusty's part on 2003? Is it maybe Prior's conditioning program in the offseason, or lack thereof? Is it dumb lucl? Is it all of the above?

Anonymous 6:39 PM CDT  

It is all of the above and I think it may be the last time Cub fans will see Prior in a Cubs uniform. As far as I am concerned not a huge loss considering how much time he has missed. However just Cubs luck he'll go somewhere else and be a star again.

KevinGillman 8:19 PM CDT  

it seems to me some of it has to be his offseason conditioning program. Perhaps he lifts too much weights? I don't know, but he is a guy who will go down in history as what could have been because he has the stuff to be good.

Eli Greenspan 11:04 PM CDT  

prior was overused his whole career as a pitcher- teens to pro...same wit h wood, check their stats...pitching in forty five games in highschool, as a starter!

KevinGillman 12:10 AM CDT  

Wow I did not know that, that is absurd. I hope they both wind up okay.

Eli Greenspan 12:12 AM CDT  

ive accepted their fate...prior will never pitch for the cubs again

wood should be released...even though i like him

KevinGillman 12:24 AM CDT  

what could have been, I guess.

K.K. 5:30 AM CDT  

Overuse doesn't cause an arm to simply blow up... Dice-K Matsuzaka was RAISED pitching 200+ innings a year, and his arm has no damage ANYWHERE.

The problem was that Prior's workload suddenly JUMPED, since the Cubs went deep in the playoffs (I forget when) - since then, he's been shot.

This is really sad, to tell the truth. Prior wasn't a chucker like Kerry Wood is - he's always been mechanically flawless... But I'm resigned to the fact that he's never going to pitch again.

KevinGillman 10:10 PM CDT  

but is it just simply the load he put on in the playoffs? Because if I was Prior and I continue to be hurt every single year I would find out from my doctor how I can change my offseason routine.