Update on Prior

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Cubs released a statement today on Mark Prior: "Mark Prior this morning made his extended spring training debut in Mesa, AZ. After completing his first two innings of work, Mark experienced discomfort in his right shoulder and exited the game." So this means either his shoulder hasn't fully healed or it is minor discomfort and he needs some time off. However, knowing Prior, there is something wrong with his shoulder and he'll be lucky to pitch successfully in the majors again. I may be jumping to conclusions with Prior, but if he through a minor league game to a bunch of rookies, and is feeling discomfort, he is no where near ready to making a return to the majors. I predict, if he returns at all, it will be July, probably August.


Anonymous 6:08 PM CDT  

oh well, in the words of forrest gump...shit happens

cline 12:21 PM CDT  

eliii i love u!!!!!