2008 Cubs Projections

Friday, February 8, 2008

C Geovanny Soto
.279 AVG, 23 HR, 74 RBI
1B Derrek Lee
.315 AVG, 28 HR, 77 RBI
2B Mark DeRosa
.282 AVG, 9 HR, 56 RBI
3B Aramis Ramirez
.290 AVG, 30 HR, 104 RBI
SS Ryan Theriot
.285 AVG, 1 HR, 43 RBI
LF Alfonso Soriano
.286 AVG, 37 HR, 79 RBI
CF Felix Pie
.248 AVG, 10 HR, 52 RBI
RF Kosuke Fukudome
.288 AVG, 13 HR, 63 RBI

Carlos Zambrano
19-7 W-L, 3.36 ERA, 217 K
Ted Lilly
11-12 W-L, 4.04 ERA, 169 K
Ryan Dempster
11-9 W-L, 4.82 ERA, 63 K
Rich Hill
9-13 W-L, 4.47 ERA, 194 K
Jon Lieber
8-9 W-L, 4.95 ERA, 78 K

Jason Marquis
13-8 W-L, 4.34 ERA, 98 K



Anonymous 11:13 PM CST  

horrible projections! soto more HRs than lee?? and lee and Soriano not even getting close to 100 rbi's?? WOW this is a good one pie will get more homeruns than fukudome HAHA

Anonymous 2:32 AM CST  

Your predictions aren't to bad, but I think Lee, Ramirez and Fukudome will hit for more power next season.

Lee power was slowed in the first half. Probably because his wrist wasn't strong enough yet. But in the second half he had 16 HR and SLG 554. Compared to 6 HR and SLG 479 in the first half. So I'm confident he will at least be the 27-32 HR hitter he was in 00, 02 ,03, and 04. Ramirez hit between 31-38 from 04-06. But if your predictions for only 30 HR in 08 includes him missing 25-30 games(like last year) then I might agree with that.I would also be surprised if Fukudome only hits 10 HR next year. He will at least be a 13-17 HR hitter. His home park in Japan was one of the toughest parks in Japan to hit HR in, and actually is very simliar to Wrigley. It would be great if Soto put up those numbers, but I personally would take 5-6 HR away from him and give them to Fukudome. But if you did that and gave Lee 6-8 HR your offense predictions are pretty solid.

I think your right on with Zambrano,Hill,Lilly and Marquis. But giving Lieber a 4.95 era is way to high. He didn't have a era that high with the Phillies, and there's no reason that shouldn't improve with the Cubs.

Lieber had a 4.19 on the road last year, and a 5.26 era in Philly. In 06 he had a 4.64 era on the road, and a 5.18 era at Philly. So Liebers high 4 era's the last two years. Lieber has always pitched great at Wrigley in his career. So the home park factor switch should help some. Plus the Cubs defense is pretty good this year, and it will help a pitcher like Lieber out. Who's FIP and xFIP were much better then his era the last two years. I would be disappointed if he had a era higher then 4.50-4.70

Anonymous 7:25 AM CST  

first guy:
- lee's wrist may recover and hit for power, but unlikely. he is just a good hitter now.

- all soto has is power.

- soriano is leadoff, he didnt have 100 RBI last year.

YOU dont know what you are talking about

Anonymous 9:12 AM CST  

I am telling you that your hitting predictions are pretty fair. Cubs are spending many of there home games in April and May and the wind is always blowing in during that period. So the power numbers for Lee, Ramirez, and Soriano could come to fruition.

I really think this is going to be the year the Cubs have two 20 game winners. I expect Rich Hill and Big Z to have big years and if the Cubs can manufacture some runs (lou pinella's new style esp if they get Brian Roberts). I expect the new dynamic duo to have 12 wins each by the all star break.


Anonymous 11:50 AM CST  

pie more HRs then K-Dome...sure

cubsfan82 12:37 PM CST  

I honestly think your projections are pretty accurate. I think Soto will hit for a higher avg with about 20 homers. I think lee will regain his power and hit 30+ homers. Aram will hit 30+ also. I think Fukudome will hit about 18 homers with a higher avg.

As for pitching Z will win 20 games next year. I think Lieber will regain his form when he won 17 games with Philly.

Your pretty right on tho!

Anonymous 3:40 PM CST  

If lee is healthy there is no way he doesn't hit at least 27 hrs. 16 in the second half last year and a whole off season i wouldn't be surprised to see 35-40

Anonymous 6:06 PM CST  

YOU a spouting biased opinions and not basing any of these claims on fact.

It's obvious that Lee got his stroke back when his wrist returned to form... you can't refute his power numbers in the second half. He is not only a good hitter, but he will have his power back... his performance and his numbers indicate this.