Dodgers Coaches To Ignore Helmet Rule

Friday, February 29, 2008

New Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa is protesting the rule requiring base coaches to wear helmets. This is a result of the death of former first base coach Mike Coolbaugh from the Rockies system, who was struck in the head by a fall ball this past season. "I'll really make a joke out of it," Bowa said. Bowa went on to say that he will take the fine for 162 games, because he will not do it. Personally, I think Bowa and Dodgers management for not enforcing this are disrespecting the Coolbaugh family, the Rockies, and Major League Baseball. What is the big deal? Is he trying to make a fashion statement? I understand that they may be uncomfortable, but I think they should at least respect the rule for the sake of the Coolbaugh's. I have a lot of respect for Larry Bowa, but I think he is wrong to openly reject the rule before the season even starts.


Justin 11:56 AM CST  

I mean no disrespect at all to the Coolbaugh family, but I don't understand this rule. One person (as least that I know of) has died from being hit with a batted ball while serving as a base coach in professional baseball history. And he wasn't even hit in an area that the helmet will cover (the upper part of the neck). It's unfortunate, but even if this rule had been in place it would not have saved Mr. Coolbaugh's life. What's next? Are pitchers going to be required to wear helmets? Are batters going to be required to use cricket-style face masks? What about the umpires? This should really be left up to each individual as a personal choice, they know the danger and can make an informed decision.

Anonymous 7:05 PM CST  

agree completely with justin.

Joshua 9:51 AM CST  

I agree with Justin's points to an extent but it's a pretty small price to pay to perhaps prevent this from happening again. How many hockey players died because of a direct hit to the head on the ice? I'm not a hockey fan but I don't imagine it's a high number. It just eliminates some risk and most coaches aren't athletic enough to get out of the way of a scorched ball anymore. The odds are small but what does it hurt? Is this just some macho, egotistical thing where coaches don't feel they need the protection? Perhaps having the helmet on wouldn't have saved his life but we will never know now unfortunately. I don't think it's disrespectful to his memory or his family to not wear the helmets but it just seems stupid not to.

Anonymous 11:22 AM CST  

So u r saying that a person doesn’t have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle its needless deaths and they should take all the precautions necessary not for them but how about their family

Anonymous 1:04 PM CST  

I think there's a lot more reason to wear a helmet on a motorcycle than in the coache's box. I don't agree with a mandatory rule.