Breaking News: Schilling Out For Season?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Breaking news out of Boston is that Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling had a major shoulder injury and may miss the whole season. is reporting that the Red Sox considered voiding the contract for 2008, but no word yet on whether or or not it will happen. His doctor has suggested surgery because the injury is apparently much more severe than it was last season which sidelined him for a month. It is believed by most that Schilling would retire after this season, so it would make sense that if this injury is severe, that he would retire. You can also see where the Red Sox are coming from by wanting to void his contract. Schilling was 9-8 last season with a 3.87 ERA and 101 K, but his postseason performances make those numbers a lot better.

I do not think this will effect the Red Sox too much. They had six starters to begin with, and this injury only opens a spot for Clay Buchholz. You hate to see this happen though but Schilling was definitely on the decline. I do not have the specific details on the contract, but if the Red Sox are allowed to void his contract, I wonder who would pick him up. I do not doubt a team would give him an incentive like contract. He might only stay with his list of twelve, and if he does, maybe he would return to Arizona.


Bucky, NY 5:40 PM CST  

This is out of no where. This does put Buchholz in the Rotation, I think the Sox will look to sign a veteran guy to a minor league contract within a week or two. Schilling should just retire gracefully. Great career a first vote HOF. Now he can spend more time Blogging.

Tim 6:01 PM CST  

as a non bosox fan im happy. its nice to see the injury plague work its magic.

Anonymous 7:21 PM CST  

im a sox fan and i have no problem with clay buchholz taking the spot of schilling. buchholz could pitch better than schilling would of anyways his stuff is nasty. they would still need to keep his innings around 180 for the year so the sox can either sign a number 5 starter or let tavarez start the first 2 months of the season. you dont really need a number 5 starter the first few weeks anyways.

God 12:34 PM CST  

As a Yankee fan I am glad Curt got hurt because now the sox have no real depth at SP because if one goes down now who is going to replace him with Tavarez

Curt is a borderline HOF at best and no way should he be first vote

shawn 10:02 AM CST  

im so glad im a yankee fan curt just a big mouth its the best thing for baseball so be it no lost bye bye curt you loser