News and Notes: Bedard To Mariners Close

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Erik Bedard trade to the Mariners is pending physicals, according to the Baltimore Sun. The Orioles will be acquiring Adam Jones, George Sherill, Chris Tillman, Kam Mickolio, and Tony Butler in hopes of rebuilding the team for the future. I think this is a great trade for both sides. For one, it puts the Mariners back in contention with the Angels, and it gives the Orioles five solid players for the future. The pitchers the Orioles are acquiring are very big, strong guys, so if they are handled properly, they could really do some damage down the road. Does this mean a Brian Roberts trade is coming? Maybe. We will know by the end of the week if something is still brewing.

Perez to Phillies?:
The Phillies are very interested in Odalis Perez, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. I think the Phillies might try and get him to a minor league deal, but we'll see.

Pirates To Trade Bay?: The Pirates appear unhappy with Bay's recent comments about the teams decision making this offseason, and it will probably lead to a trade. Although he is right, they probably do not want his negative attitude in the clubhouse. As for teams I expect to be interested, we could see the Padres or Indians jump in.

Would Braves trade Teixeira?:
The Braves do not seem willing to sign Mark Teixeira to a long term mega deal and may look to trade him mid season. I think it could work, especially if a race in the AL East is close. I don't think Juan Miranda would stop the Yankees from trading for Mark Texeira.

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Anonymous 5:11 PM CST  

There is absolutely nothing to substatiate this new rumor concerniing Mark Teixeira. Everything I've heard from the Braves is that they are going to try to resign him and that Boras and Wren have already had positive talks in that direction. He just bought a house in Atlanta, and they just avoided arbitration. This story was born from a Chicago rag, and it doesn't say the Braves can't resign him, simply that they aren't encouraged to do so before he reached FA. I think everything will be done to keep him, and do not see them trading him to another team. This is wishful thinking.

Anonymous 5:19 PM CST  

Where is the source for this. Funny, I haven't heard this "rumor" anywhere else.

Anonymous 6:47 PM CST  

this rumors sight is terrible ok....every one has confirmed that after this bedard deal, that roberts could be followed to the cubs, so don't give me this crap that a trade with the cubs might not be on the horizon. Im sick of these rumors.

Eli 7:17 PM CST  

im sorry you feel that way, but remember. these are rumors.

Anonymous 7:32 PM CST  

Where is the source for this and where does it say the Braves might entertain trading him. This is from that Chicago rag and nowhere else. Please provide so that we may be able to see this ourselves, it isn't "rumors", it's one "rumor" coming out of Chicago, which knows nothing about the Braves Organization.

Anonymous 7:33 PM CST  

If these are just "rumors", provide the link. YOu should state facts, of back up your "rumors".

KevinGillman 10:09 PM CST  

for anyone that doesn't believe in Eli's report, check on today's Chicago Tribune with Phil Rogers. In the middle of his column, he talks about Bay and his speculation that he could be gone by the end of the season. It's clear if I am Mark Shapiro, the time is now to get a deal done, because Bay is not happy about being on the Pirates since they haven't done anything. Read it if you don't believe me, go ahead. And again if anyone wants to doubt what Eli writes, then don't read it.

Anonymous 3:14 PM CST  

Nobody really cares about Jason Bay or the Pirates. however, the only source for the Tex deal is Chicago Tribune and it does not say the Braves are thinking about trading him. It mentions that they might not be able to get something done before he reaches FA status. THis is the one and only source, has no credibility (I mean really, what does a writer for Chicago know about the BRaves anyway, and is only speculation for a seemingly bored writer.

KevinGillman 3:37 PM CST  

okay, so why rip Eli when all he is doing is relaying the information? You may not care about Jason Bay, but I do. Last time I checked, the Indians were one win away from reaching the World Series in 2007, and with Bay's help, he can help the Indians contend for another season. Now as far as what you care about, it's no secret the Braves want to sign Tex, and who wouldn't, but I also believe that Mark is weighing all of his options, and the Braves might have to do the same, if they aren't contending in July. It still doesn't make it any right for you or any "Anonymous" person to rip him into shreds. There might be some merit to what he says, there might not, so take it for what it is, a rumor.