Orioles In Talks With Lohse?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Now that Erik Bedard appears to be heading to Seattle, the Orioles are already finding replacements, suggesting that a trade with the Cubs might not be on the horizon. According to the Baltimore Sun, Orioles representatives have talked with both Kyle Lohse and Steve Trachsel; both are probably about one year deals, so it is possible we could see one get done. However, Lohse has said he will not pitch in the AL after his experience with the Twins, so I think they would have a better chance with Trachsel, who pitched very well for them before he was traded to the Cubs in August. I think they would be better off saving their money and acquiring a veteran pitcher like Jason Marquis, but owner Peter Angelos might look to someone with a slightly better track record.


Joe 9:03 PM CST  

Someone tell Angelos that at this point Marquis is an upgrade over Trachsel.

Bucky, NY 10:03 PM CST  

Well right now they will be loosing over 100 games so whats the difference. Lohse or some AAA prospect, atleast the prospect wont be a waste of maoney. Lohse is a 500 pitcher at best.

Arian 8:21 PM CST  

It's time to rebuild, not splurge!

Why the hell would they trade Bedard, who earned 3.4 million dollars last year, and pick up Kyle Lohse, who wants 10 million per year and at least 3 years?

Bedard is the better pitcher by far, and there is no way lohse is going to be an oriole!