What's Happening In Spring Training?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Phillies: Yesterday, Ryan Howard won a record breaking arbitration case and will make 10 million dollars, instead of the 7 the Phillies wanted to pay him. He made 900,000 last year. Brad Lidge is throwing very well and should be the Phillies closer. Also, the Mets and Phillies feud is still going on, and Pedro Martinez is jumping in threating brawls. It will be an exciting first series.

Reds: Craig Wilson failed his physical and is no longer in Reds camp. I think Wilson would have made the team, and it is possible they will resign him once he gets healthy, but they have other options. Maybe if they trade Scott Hatteberg, they will try and sign him again. Josh Fogg is officially a Red.

Athletics: Some of the newly acquired A's are turning some heads in Spring Training. Not a surprise. The A's acquired some very good players who should be playing everyday in the MLB in a couple of seasons.

Yankees: The Yankees will be watching very closely to see if Derek Jeter can still play shortstop everyday. With a lot of players leaving via free agency, it is possible we could see him play first base, move Juan Miranda to DH, and sign a new shortstop, perhaps Rafael Furcal. If they were to go through trade, Michael Young is available, Chin-Lung Hu, if they are willing to take a chance. Otherwise, there are not many other options unless they were to pull off a big splash.

Marlins: Dallas McPhearson is hitting the ball really well in Marlins camp. If this continues, I doubt they will pursue a Wes Helms trade.

Blue Jays: Roy Halladay and Frank Thomas are looking really good in their first spring training workout. Also, the Blue Jays are really excited about young catching prospect Brian Jeroloman.

Twins: The Twins morale is already low, but Joe Mauer is looking good.

Cubs: The Cubs really like what they are seeing from Kosuke Fukudome, along with pitcher Esmailin Caridad. Also, the closer spot will be decided when games start, but it will likely go to Bob Howry over Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol to start.

Red Sox: Manny is no longer being Manny. Meaning, he is no longer asking for a trade every off season. He loves Boston, for now, and is hoping the Red Sox will pay him 20 million dollars. I doubt that will happen, but I do not doubt they will decline it and then sign him to something cheaper.

Indians: The Indians have a lot of chemistry, and it helped by not making too many moves. I think they are in for another good year.

Rays: Number one pick David Price is turning some heads in Spring Training, and so is Evan Longoria.

Nationals: Lastings Milledge is ready to be a National, and is excited about the opportunity to play everyday.

Dodgers: Nomar Garciaparra continues to be a leader, but he will have to adjust to a new role with the Dodgers.

That is all for now, check back soon.


Anonymous 10:40 AM CST  

Who's Esmalin Caridad?

Anonymous 11:05 AM CST  

esmalin caridad? who .. never heard of him

Eli 11:46 AM CST  

he is a non roster invitee

Eli 11:46 AM CST  

he is young though...they are getting a look at him

Anonymous 1:05 PM CST  

really...the yankees are waiting to see if jeter can still play shortstop everyday?..i know there was an article about him being the worst, however you start a team gauranteed he is one of the top 3 ss you'll take...jeter will switch positions at some point but it certainly won't be this year..you come up w/ some crazy stories...chin lung hu...ss for the yanks...lay off those crazy pills

KevinGillman 8:01 PM CST  

I know the consensus will say Detroit will win the AL Central because of the offseason they had, but I just feel like the Indians are ready to win the division again.