Crisp Talks Picking Up

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now that Crisp has said he would like to be traded if he does not get the starting job - which is likely - it is only a matter of time before he is traded. Jacoby Ellsbury is the center fielder and lead off hitter of the future and everybody knows it. Crisp's value is down right now after a poor postseason showing, so a good spring should get his value up to a solid point. As of right now, the A's, Rangers, and Twins are the only serious contenders. The Rangers and Red Sox were pretty serious during the offseason, according to one source, but talks fell through. Supposedly, the Rangers offered Gerald Laird for Crisp and the Red Sox wanted more. Now, they are reportedly talking to the A's about sending Crisp and a top prospect or two for Joe Blanton. Crisp would play center for one more year and it will give Chris Denorfia a chance to develop more. I think Crisp will find a home, but I doubt it will be in Oakland.

Cardinals forgive Weaver, put in call: The Cardinals are desperate for pitching and are calling on former Cardinals Jeff Weaver, who spurned the team to sign a one year deal with the Mariners. I doubt he can repeat the numbers he put with the Cardinals, but maybe he can help the bottom part of the rotation.

Reds close in on Fogg: The Reds and Josh Fogg are in the process of finalizing a contract. I do not think this will stop them for pursuing Joe Blanton, but maybe they will not go as hard for him.


Bucky, NY 3:15 PM CST  

I dont see Blanton in a sox uniform before the trading deadline. Crisp for a promising catcher and a decent end of the rotation guy is more likely.

Josh Jones 10:28 PM CST  

he put up a 5.18 ERA with the Cardinals........those aren't numbers that should be repeated. lol.

Eli 10:58 PM CST  

yeah, but he did a lot for the cardinals in getting them to the world series that his numbers dont show

Anonymous 12:25 AM CST  

That weirdo Jeff Weaver pitched well over is abilities in the Post Season. After baby jesus, Chris Carpenter, he was their best playoff pitcher. That was the reason he landed that huge contract from those stupid/silly mariners. Hopefully those poor bastards dont get screwed by Erik Bedard.

That would put them back a few years with all the good players they gave to the O's.