Breakout Player Spotlight: Rickie Weeks

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rickie Weeks is obviously the Brewers second baseman of the future. He can hit, run, and field - and he is a leader in the clubhouse. Last year was a down year coming off of surgery, but he is in for a big year that could take the Brewers into the playoffs. He is going to be in a good spot in the lineup where power is all around him, so he will have a chance to score and drive people in. I think he will be a great fantasy pick up and a player to look out for when pitching to this season. However, do not immediately go and pick him up. He does have injury problems that could easily come up again playing everyday. Still, one person close to Weeks said that a whole offseason to rest did him well and he should hit the ground running when the season the starts. We'll see, but if weeks is hanging around in the later rounds of your fanatasy leagues, I would take him.


Kenny 1:34 AM CST  

Hey Eli,

Totally agree on Rickie Weeks. I'm not hearing enough people hyping Weeks yet, but I guess that's because not enough people are thinking like we are.

Actually, you motivated me to start blogging too! I started a Fantasy Baseball blog and radio show recently. Check it out if you've got a minute. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Take it easy.