Could Schilling Be Traded?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Red Sox have reported to camp and many are starting to believe that they have what it takes to be a dynasty. I can't say I disagree. They are young, they have been together for awhile, and they are only getting better. However, it seems that Curt Schilling might be on the outs among some Red Sox pitchers, management, and other players. He is a regular blogger on his website, but seems to voice his opinions too often. I am sure that causes some problems in the clubhouse and it could lead to a trade if it becomes too much. Not only that, but he wasn't too impressive last season, but shined in the playoffs. Furthermore, he is blocking Clay Buchholz from starting with the Red Sox, so if he does well, they could ship some cash and Schilling to a team looking for a solid pitcher. I can't say which teams will need a pitcher in four months, but we could see the Cubs or Dodgers come in hoping to put them over the top in their respective divisions.


Anonymous 7:44 PM CST  

Ramirez, Ortiz, Lugo, Lowell, Veritec, Wakefield, Drew, Schilling. Yeah, they are a good team, but young? These guys are young? Their farm system is in good shape, but it better be because they're going to have to turn the whole darn roster over in a couple of years. The Indians are young. The Brewers are young. The Rockies and D'Backs and Marlins and Rays are young. But the Red Sox are anything but young.

thatcubsfan 7:48 PM CST  

The cubs already have to many starting pitchers as it is, they do not need more.

Joe 2:07 AM CST  

I disagree thatcubsfan. We have alot of SPs, yes. But not quality.

Of course that depends on how well Schilling bounces back from rehabing his injury.

But when he was an FA and before he resigned with the Sox, I was hoping the Cubs would go after him.

Schilling would be a nice add for the stretch run and the playoffs. He is definitely an upgrade over Marquis, Dempster, and Lieber if healthy.

Anonymous 8:27 AM CST  

I wouldn't be surprised if the Phillies make a move on Schilling. This would be a smart move for both teams in a few months.

Anonymous 8:56 AM CST  

No, it's not yet an "over the hill gang" but to see the BoSox as something other than a veteran ball club with a few up and comers sprinkled in is just not seeing things clearly.

Bucky, NY 9:22 AM CST  

The Redsox have a influx of young talent, but their main guys are in their mid 30's. I dont see anyone taking on Schillings Contract seeing that he might not be fit to even make 10 starts. You keep him and let him guide the young pitchers through the season. The dont need him till Sept. anyways.

Anonymous 11:22 AM CST  

He's hurt. Hows he ever gonna pass a physical?