Giants Hope To Sign Kim

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Giants arrived at camp yesterday and questions are already coming up about their weak pitching staff. According to Henry Schulman of, the Giants hope to sign Byung-Hyun Kim to a spot starter role. Kim pitched fairly well last season even after being moved around several times. Kim went 10-8 with a 6.08 ERA in twenty-eight games last season, but I think he would be more effective from the bullpen. His high ERA and high walk totals I think would limit coming from a position where he would face two to three batters at most. We'll see, but it is obvious that the Giants Front Office is looking to make a move. Why not sign Kyle Lohse to a 'Livan Hernandez type deal'?


Anonymous 7:32 AM CST  

this is the official "Fire Brian Sabean" comment wall. anyone else who wants to see sabean fired just say i want FBR!

Anonymous 8:50 AM CST  

Reading this ruined my day.... and it is only 6:51am

splinkybj 3:56 PM CST  

Your reference to the Schulman article in the Chronicle is correct; however, your comment about the Giants having a weak pitching staff shows you need to do your research. They're looking for Kim because they've put Noah Lowry on the market.

Zito, Lincecum, Cain, Lowry are a solid 4.

Tim 3:59 PM CST  

FBR all the way. he's totally lost his way.

Anonymous 5:55 AM CST  

i would say weak bullpen ,stong starters

Anonymous 7:52 AM CST  

The pitching staff is the only good thing about the Giants, seriously do you even like think or read when you post some things? I thought saying Matt Murton had power was your worst comment now the giants staff with Cain, Zito, Lowry, and Lincecum is a weak staff. Good lord man think before you post information on the site.

Anonymous 4:09 PM CST  

Cain Zito Lowry Lincecum a weak staff? Your telling him to think before he posts, your the one who just lost all credibility with that uniformed statement

Anonymous 8:38 PM CST  

As it currently stands, the Giants have 4 very solid starts in Cain, Lincecum, Zito, and Lowry. Plus three very good swingmen in Correia, Misch and Sanchez. That's seven starters deep. Signing Kim would be as silly as having 7 CFs on the 25 man roster! Oh wait... :(