Jason Marquis On The Block?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

According to one AL executive, the Cubs are shopping Jason Marquis to teams in hopes of adding a reliever, or pair of prospects. Yes, this is old news, but it appears that the Cubs would like to give Sean Marshall a shot in the rotation after an impressive showing last season. The Orioles are an option if the Brian Roberts trade goes through. Giving the Orioles a veteran pitcher in Marquis, along with Sean Gallagher, Ronny Cedeno, and a position prospect, might get a deal done faster than people think. The Twins are looking to add a veteran pitcher and would probably be willing to trade a reliever and a prospect for Marquis. Other than those two teams that are desperate for pitching, I see the Astros possibly inquiring, but the Cubs won't bite unless the deal is good. The Cubs aren't ones to dump players within the division. I doubt any trade gets done before Spring Training; I see something getting done in May if he really struggles or at the deadline if he is pitching like he was last season.

Stay Tuned.


Bucky, NY 12:45 PM CST  

If I am the O's, I offer Roberts and Bedard for Pie, Marque, Cedeno, and two prospects, one AA and one AAA. You get a replacement for Bedard and a future star in Pie to control the OF. Cedeno would fit in at 2B. Its also a win for the Cubs who get a solid #2 pitcher and an allstar steriod using 2B.

Eli 1:47 PM CST  

I understand where you are coming from, but the Cubs are known for putting their best talent at the Double-A level. So if the Orioles were to trade Bedard and Roberts to the Cubs, it would probably be for Pie, Marquis, Cedeno, and either two AA or AA and A.

Joe 1:52 PM CST  

I actually want to keep Marquis until May, similar to what you think will really happen.

Marquis is known to start out hot and then drop off the second half of the season. I think the Cubs should take advantage of that and then deal him for whatever they can get from teams like the Os and Astros who are desperate to fill out their rotation.

Harry Pavlidis 2:03 PM CST  

It would be nice to be rid of Marquis. Marshall is a good bet, although the rotation gets heavy on lefties with him in there. Gallagher I'd like to see some more, but probably not in the rotation until 2009.

Anonymous 2:26 PM CST  

lol. You Cubs fan actually think that the Orioles would trade Bedard AND Roberts for Pie, Cedeno, Marquis, and prospects? They wouldn't do that for Bedard alone.

Anonymous 3:20 PM CST  

I agree, you are asking the orioles to trade to PROVEN good players for Pie (who knows if he will ever hit), Cedeno (extra infielder at best), Marquis (can only pitch well in the 1st half) and some junk prospects

Good luck with that!

Kamel 4:24 PM CST  

The trade suggested at the top wont be enough... but its ridiculous to say that its not enough for Bedard alone. Please... look at the Santana deal.

Cedeno will actually turn into a average starting middle IF at worst. He is good with the glove and has some pop as well as the ability to swipe a few bags. His name is mentioned because the O's actually want him to fill one of the middle IF voids left from trading Tejada and Roberts.

Bedard would be a bonus... but Roberts is the guy I want. Besides... looks like Bedard is on his way to Seattle if anywhere.