Top Pitchers Close To Finding Homes

Friday, February 1, 2008

Top free agent pitchers Kyle Lohse and Livan Hernandez are getting closer to finding new homes. The Mets are talking to both pitchers and will probably offer a one year deal worth 5 million dollars to each of them, and whoever takes it first will be with the Mets. Lohse is also drawing interest from the Phillies and Reds, but I think it will be the Mets or Phillies that he ends up with. As for Hernandez, the White Sox have mild interest in adding him while teams like the Marlins, Nationals, Cardinals, and Orioles are interested only if his price comes down to the five million dollar range. I expect both of them to be signed shortly after the Santana deal is finalized.

Red Sox sign Casey: The Red Sox and Sean Casey have agreed to a one year deal worth 700,000 dollars, an indication that Tony Clark might be on his way to the Giants.


Anonymous 1:30 PM CST  

Pure speculation on your part that the Giants will sign Clark. Don't forget that they have Aurilia to back up all four infield spots and Sabean has all but ruled out publicly his interest in Tony Clark for this very reason. Besides, the Giants are committed to giving a guy like Ortmeier a shot at first. I like Clark but might be a bit mis-placed on this team.

Bucky , NY 8:55 PM CST  

Not a big fan of the Casey signing. I would have rather seen them bring in Morgan Ensberg or Brad Wilkerson for more money. The bench will be the one weak spot for the sox, thank god their farm system is ready to go if needed.

mike 4:58 AM CST  

why not a big fan of the casey signging? its a solid add to the bench. the guy is a career 300 hitter who doesnt strike out a lot. after seeing hinske stink it up last year casey is an upgrade. he wont hit for power but he will make solid contact and hit at least for extra base power. sure i would of loved to see wilkerson but he wanted more of an everyday role so the sox probably would of had to offer him like 5 million to sign. its a solid enough signging to give the sox some depth and he is a better option than minor leaguer chris carter who can not play defense if he life depending on it

Bucky, NY 10:02 AM CST  

I think this signing is going to demand more of Youk to play more at 3b to give Lowell a rest. You dont have a guy who can fill in for Lowell except for Cora and that wont work. If Lowrie is on the Bench I would say its a good move but I think he will start in AAA. Carter is atleast a year away from being a bench option.

mike 1:00 PM CST  

well youk plays very good 3rd base so that is why this isnt a problem for the sox. youk played 3rd when in the minors and can still play it very well. so if lowell needs a day off they put in youk at 3rd and casey at first and if youk needs a day off casey just plays first. now if theres a problem and both lowell and youk need time off dont be surprised to see lowrie get a call up to maybe try out a few games at first or 3rd. he has played some games at 3rd base in the minors. carter has no future with the sox he is a dh and the sox have no need for him. its really only a problem if both youk and lowell got hurt. they want to give youk some more days off anyways so he isnt too tired at the end of the year. its a solid pick up nothing amazing but adds more depth to the world series champs. much better option than hinske at least