Twins Might Get Fogg?

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Twins have already begun finding replacements for Johan Santana and have contacted the agent of Josh Fogg. Fogg, who was 10-9 with a 4.94 ERA, pitched very well for the Rockies, especially in clutch situations. I think he would be an okay addition behind Francisco Liriano, but his high ERA in the National League might get higher in the AL and could hurt the Twins. However, his ability to eat up innings makes him more valuable than other, more expensive free agents. The Twins are surprisingly a very good team to play for. Although you would think the city would turn off some free agents to playing there, they run the team like a family and players that I have talked to really have enjoyed their time there.


Anonymous 2:57 PM CST  

What's wrong with Minneapolis? It's one of the cleanest, safest cities in the country! Temperature isn't everything, and it's not a factor during the season when players would have to be there.

If anything, playing for a greedy, cheapskate owner like Carl Pohlad might turn a lot of people off, but Minneapolis is a good city.


Anonymous 9:22 PM CST  

HAHA, one of the richest owners in baseball and a low budget team....Just don't understand.

I honestly feel starting 2 or 3 years back if they put another 20 million into players the Twins would possibly have a World Series ring, if not at least a league championship.

The Twins will be good next year, but we are re-building. I can only hope that when the stadium opens the payroll increases because if a couple of these prospects pan out we have a legit shot at a ring.