Stewart to Blue Jays?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Blue Jays confirmed that they have made an offer to outfielder Shannon Stewart, but have not heard back in over a week. Stewart will be thirty-four next week and was seeking a two year deal until he found no takers. However, Stewart hit .290 with 12 HR and 48 RBI and is pretty solid in the first months leading to the All-Star game, so he could be a cheap addition with a lot of reward. Although I do not think he will repeat his numbers, Stewart has the makings of a solid reserve outfielder who would help the Blue Jays.


Bucky, NY 5:35 PM CST  

How is he not with a team by now? He is a solid 4th outfielder/DH. If signed for the right $$$ it could be another chip for Toronto to move closer to the Yanks and the Sox.

Cubsfan1893 10:16 PM CST  

The Cubs could really use him as a backup/center field time splitter