2008 American League Standings Projections

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American League East

1. Boston Red Sox: 95-67 W-L

2. New York Yankees: 92-70 W-L

3. Toronto Blue Jays: 88-74 W-L

4. Tampa Bay Rays: 73-89 W-L

5. Baltimore Orioles: 57-105 W-L

Rationale: The Blue Jays and Rays are really going to surprise us this year, and I think they will be in the race all season. The RedSox are solid up and down and should be able to take the division, but it won't be as easy as everyone thinks.

American League Central

1. Cleveland Indians: 93-69 W-L

2. Detroit Tigers: 91-71 W-L

3. Minnesota Twins: 80-82 W-L

4. Chicago White Sox: 79-83 W-L

5. Kansas City Royals: 74-88 W-L

Rationale: Yes, the Tigers improved their offense to give themselves one of the best offenses in the game, but they failed to improve their bullpen. The bullpen is the most important part of the game and to be lacking early on will only hurt them. If they can get some bullpen help early, I think they are the favorite. The Twins and Sox are pretty equal, but they could turn out to be better than expected. The Royals definitely helped themselves this offseason, but need to focus on their starting pitching in the next offseason to really make a serious run.

American League West Standings

1. Seattle Mariners: 93-69 W-L

2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 89-73 W-L

3. Texas Rangers: 77-85 W-L

4. Oakland Athletics: 74-88 W-L

Rationale: I think the injuries to the Angels early on will hurt them, putting the Mariners ahead early. Many have been critical of the Carlos Silva signing, but his double-digit wins might send the Mariners to the playoffs. Not to mention that they also have ErikBedard . As for the Rangers and A's, the A's have a lot of question marks and the Rangers pitching is weak. It is going to be close between them, as you can see.



Anonymous 8:54 AM CDT  

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Finally someone realizes that the Tigers won't win without a bullpen

Anonymous 9:00 AM CDT  

I can't believe you do not have the Tigers....you are officially an idiot. the offense will out weigh the bullpen

Anonymous 9:55 AM CDT  

No way the Mariners win the AL west.

Anonymous 10:48 AM CDT  

You need to revise your AL East standings, because Baltimore is going to have to be VERY lucky to even win 50 to 55 games. 100 to 110 losses are a more realistice prediction there.

Anonymous 11:00 AM CDT  

If the Mariners win the West, I'll eat a bag of glass.

And who exactly is going to score runs for the Twins?

Eli 11:06 AM CDT  

Ouch. However, a perfect example of a good bullpen vs. a bad bullpen was opening day today. I see this happening with the Tigers.

Anonymous 11:36 AM CDT  

Dude I don't see how you can consider the Sox and Twins equal, the Twins have no pitching AT ALL. A healthy Liriano and Nathen won't carry them. There offense is decent at best. The Sox may not have a great rotation but they at least have a bullpen and a good 1-2 punch. The Sox have a really good offesne they do lack speed but they make up for it in power. I'm not saying the Twins won't be hard to beat but common be realistic they don't have enough to be a 3rd place team. On the other hand the Sox are a minimal 3rd place and have potential to be better if they can stay healthy and get good pitching from Floyd and Danks.

Anonymous 1:42 PM CDT  

No way in hell the Mariners take the west without the Angels suffering a plethora of injuries late in the year and the Mariners survive the season suffering none. Completely and utterly ridiculous... and by 4 games to boot. Pffft.

Eli 1:59 PM CDT  

they are a serious sleeper team for the World Series, in my opinion. They have amazing pitching, good offense. It is all about who gets hot.

Anonymous 3:48 PM CDT  

Not bad.

I would have the Tigers as the wildcard and the Yanks missing the playoffs by a game or two.

Grimar 4:23 PM CDT  

Looks like you haven't stopped your White Sox hating. Mark my words, they will finish AT LEAST .500 and maybe even in 2nd place in the AL Central.

Anonymous 4:43 PM CDT  

SECOND!!!!! you think they are better than the Tigers or Indians. I no longer think Eli is a White Sox hater and think you are way to hopeful for your Sox. Brace yourself Grimar.

Grimar 5:13 PM CDT  

Well let's think about the White Sox.

1) Last year was an offensive fluke...looking at the numbers the previous 5 years will show you that. Everyone started bad and never recovered. Add Swisher who is now in a smaller park than he's used to and a huge offensive upgrade at SS from Uribe to Cabrera.

2) The White Sox bullpen last year was TERRIBLE. I don't even remember how many times a starter would have the lead and the first guy outta the bullpen would give up 3 or 4 runs in 1 or 2 innings. They have since signed Linebrink and Dotel...both are huge upgrades over the 'pen from last year.

3) Sure, our rotation took a hit losing Garland, but I like what Danks and Floyd are capable of. If our rotation is worse, it's not by much.

So yeah, I do think they can finish 2nd. I don't think it's outside the stretch of reality to say they're a better team than the Indians. The Tigers are the best team on paper...but that's why we play the games.

Anonymous 5:28 PM CDT  

cute....you are sounding like a cubs fan because you are so hopeful. danks and floyd will not be good. offense is aging, face it. they failed to adjust too..

goodluck, but it is not happening.

Grimar 6:24 PM CDT  

I don't know what's worse...being called "cute" or a cubs fan.

- Alexei Ramirez: Some project to be starting 2B: 26 years old
- Josh Fields: Will take over 3B if we can get Crede dealt: 25 years old
- Carlos Quentin: Still in battle for LF job: 25 years old
- Nick Swisher: Starting CF: 27 years old

Our offense is actually younger than most people think. I'll give you Thome is up there and Dye's not far behind, but it's not like we still bat Harold Baines.

Anonymous 7:25 PM CDT  

As a Sox fan myself I do believe that the Sox have a chance at the playoffs, its not a great one but still possible. The Sox have a good team that should at least produce 85 wins which would be about 3rd place in the AL Central. Now if things go right for the Sox meaning Flyod, Danks, and the bullpen is solid that number can be boosted to about 90-92 because of their offense. Plus Detroit doesn't have a solid pitching staff starters or bullpen. Only Verlander is a fore sure bet to be solid, Willis could blow up again, Rogers could get injrued, Robertson could be erratic again and so on. Though they do have a good lineup it won't take them far without pitching. The Indians are a young team with lots of potental but also have question marks. All teams have something that they lack and no team is perfect. With luck the Sox have a chance to make something of them selves with year, but in reality the Sox are a sure bet for 3rd with potential to be better.

ME 7:36 PM CDT  

I think it is a toss up with the Sox and Yankees because the SP is closer then people give the Yankees credit for because if u look at it
Wang- gives u around 19 games and same with Beckett

Andy gives u 15 and so does Dice-k

Moose and Wake R likely to have very similar years

Phil and Lester depends on who u ask but if healthy this year Phil can win 15 games but Lester does have some control problems so I would give a slight edge to Phil

Ian and Clay B. Both have had short and impressive ML careers they r both similar pitchers but who will have a better year is a toss up

The BP MO/Paps yes Paps is better but MO is still a good/Great closer

Joba/Oki this is a close one too but Oki either suffered from fatigue last year or Batters started to figure him out

Lineup no question that the Yankees is better so if u take into account all of this u can see that the Yankees and the Sox can both win the East

I think the Yankees will win the East because they have good match-ups against the Sox they hit all of their starters hard

ME 7:40 PM CDT  

The Indians should be the fav to win the central because the tigers have average SP after Verlander and their BP is just Crap it is so bad it’s not even funny

The Indians have good/great SP and a great BP with a good not great offense

The twins Sox and Royals is a toss up really because the Sox BP has health issues and don’t know if the offense was a fluke last year

The Royals have improved and are just an Average all around team

The Twins have a lot of pitching its young but it is very good

ME 7:43 PM CDT  

The Ms are going to win the West because they have a great BP and a possible great 1/2 in King Felix and Bedard with average Starters behind them and can have a good offense if Sexson has a good year

The LAA Have already been plagued by injuries and because will likely start off slow and maybe dig to deep of a hole

Anonymous 10:38 PM CDT  

Royals finish 3rd in the AL Central.

Grimar 11:06 PM CDT  

If I'd said something like:

"Royals finish 3rd in the AL Central."

...then I'd be anonymous too.

Anonymous 9:01 AM CDT  


Me 10:15 AM CDT  

AL CENTRAL 3rd place will be the Royals

Anonymous 2:33 PM CDT  

FOR ALL OF YOU IDIOTS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ANGELS, JUST STOP IT. John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar, their two best starters, are injured. The Mariners have Cy Young-candidate Erik Bedard plus King Felix, and not to mention the best closer in the game, third to Papelbon and Mariano Rivera.

Anonymous 3:52 PM CDT  

AL EAST: Yankees


AL WEST: Angels


E Silv 9:59 PM CDT  

your AL central looks very good if you look at it upside down. Niceeeeeeeeeeeee