Tigers After Wuertz

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Tigers, desperate to acquire some bullpen help, are taking a close look at Cubs reliever Michael Wuertz. Wuertz, who went 2-3 with a 3.48 ERA last season, would make for a solid set up man or closer while Joel Zumaya recovers. He has a great fastball, a nasty slider, and is breaking away from the rookie stages and become a major league league reliever. The Detroit Free Press believes the Cubs have inquired about Brandon Inge and Marcus Thames, but Inge wants a starting job. Thames has good power and would give the Cubs the option to start Pie in Triple-A to get his confidence up; however, I think the Cubs would want more than just Thames for a solid reliever in a shaky bullpen. I suspect it would take a pitching prospect or two along with Thames. Still, I think the Tigers should make the move. Acquiring a pitcher like Wuertz, who really has not gotten much attention with the Cubs and giving him a key role in the bullpen, would benefit the team.


Anonymous 2:51 PM CDT  

I think the Cubs would be crazy to trade Weurtz. He was probably the most consistent reliever last season. He is still relatively young and is really good in the middle innings. However, depending if they can get Inge, I might reconsider.