Cubs Eying Johnson

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Cubs are having trouble finding a trade partner and are now looking at Reed Johnson as the candidate to platoon with Reed Johnson. Johnson still has to clear waivers, so the Cubs won't make a move till then. Personally, I think the Cubs would be better off going with Ronny Cedeno or Eric Patterson platooning in center, but that is only because I have faith in some of the young Cubs players. However, Johnson is a .281 career hitter and has averaged 10 homeruns from 2003-2006. I think he could be solid pickup for the Cubs, but it would further push Matt Murton out of a job. Cubs GM Jim Hendry is determined to make a move, and it will probably come mid week with the signing of Johnson.


Anonymous 2:23 PM CDT  

I think the Cubs need to give Pie a legitimate shot at the position and abandon any platoon plans. The guy's either got it or he doesn't.

Anonymous 2:32 PM CDT  

Perhaps the Cubs should consider letting Felix Pie platoon with Felix Pie first; then consider Reed Johnson to platoon with Felix Pie. IMHO, they should counsider the Reed Johnson/Reed Johnson platoon only as an absolute last resort :-).

All joking aside, I think it is important for the Cubs to let Pie succeed or fail at this point. They do need another backup outfielder who can man center field, but they don't need to be thinking platoon player at this point.

The fact that they're even considering Reed Johnson is my evidence that they're not thinking about platooning Pie with anyone. Johnson can play center, but you don't want him starting there 2-3 times a week. It's Pie's job to lose (against righties and lefties) at this point.

Throughout his professional career, Pie's signature has been to struggle for about a half-season before he catches his stride. Perhaps last season's spotty playing time counts, perhaps not. Either way, they should know by July whether he's the real-deal, and I expect that they'll give him that long to prove himself.