2008 National League Standings Projections

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National League East

1. Atlanta Braves: 92-70 W-L

2. New York Mets: 88-74 W-L

3. Philadelphia Phillies: 84-78 W-L

4. Washington Nationals: 69-93 W-L

5. Florida Marlins: 64-98 W-L

Rationale: The Phillies pitching will need to put out a better showing if they want to repeat in the division. But after losing Brad Lidge, the bullpen is not as good. If they can put together a strong bullpen, maybe they will be in the race. The Mets have nagging injuries that will hurt them, despite adding Johan Santana. As for the Braves, they have a strong lineup and a deep rotation. If one of their veteran relievers fall, they have a young impressive pitcher to step up.Yunel Escobar is a breakout candidate and Mark Teixeira all year will definitely help.

National League Central

1. Chicago Cubs: 89-73 W-L

2. Milwaukee Brewers: 87-75

3. Cincinnati Reds: 83-79 W-L

4. Houston Astros: 73-89 W-L

5. St. Louis Cardinals: 70-92 W-L

6. Pittsburgh Pirates: 63-99 W-L

Rationale: I see the Cubs and Brewers fighting it out all year again, but the Cubs coming out on top. They have a lot of crucial games that they will be playing and I see the veteran Cubs being able to hold out in late September rather than some of their rookies. Not only that, but they do not have Gallardo early on and I think that will hurt them too. Yes, it is only two or three starts, but the games early on always come back to haunt you.

National League West

1. Arizona Diamondbacks: 94-68 W-L

2. San Diego Padres: 90-72 W-L

3. Colorado Rockies: 88-74 W-L

4. Los Angeles Dodgers: 86-76 W-L

5. San Francisco Giants: 58-104 W-L

Rationale: The Diamondbacks are a very impressive team and got better with the addition of Dan Haren. A full year from Justin Upton, and improved years from Drew and Young make me think this team is a serious contender for the World Series. The Padres have assembled a good team and their younger players should improve on what they have. Kouzmanoff is a breakout canidate and so is Adrain Gonzalez. Michael Barrett will be entering a new year and is ready to return to his old form. The Rockies are great team, but I do not think we will be seeing them in Rocktober.



Anonymous 10:00 AM CDT  

People who dont follow the Mets always talk about those "nagging" injuries but I want to ask who exactly has nagging injuries El Duque and Alou? OK thats it but is that really going to cause the Mets to lose the division? Those are two very small parts to a team the 5th starter and Alou missing a month isnt gonna make a huge difference. All the regulars are healthy since their "NAGGING" early spring injuries, Delgado has hit the other way nicely and his hip is no longer a problem. Luis Castillo had a 2 hit game the other day, and yesterday Beltran went 1st to home on a double and slid around the tag of Corky Miller to be safe. So everything looks ok. Have you seen the Mets team ERA this spring? Its outstanding I know its spring but still John Maine has looked amazing Johan is Johan and Pedro has been excellent. At least Duque is getting his injuries out of the way early instead of being hurt down the stretch where he makes his money and wins the big games. Omar has said the Mets are very interested in Claudio Vargas (I know big deal) but he should at least hold the fort down until Duque gets healthy or Pelfrey grabs the 5th starter spot. Mets are winning the division how are the Braves sleepers if everyone keeps saying they are???

Brinson 11:12 AM CDT  

Couldn't agree more on the Braves, Eli. They're vastly underrated imho, and outside of Wright-Reyes-Johan, the Mets just aren't that good; Ollie Perez could surprise and Beltran is obviously a superstar when healthy but I think there too many questions and not enough people seeing the forest for the trees.

Anonymous 11:29 AM CDT  

Angels won the World Series after starting 6-14.

And the Yankees were 8 games under .500 on May 29 last year. The Phillies were an absolute mess early on. The Rockies were 9 games under .500 on May 21. The Cubs were 9 games under .500 on June 2.

All playoff teams last year.

Fast starts matter little. June and July are where it gets interesting.

Anonymous 12:58 PM CDT  

Eli, you really don't like the Giants do you? That is the only logical explanation for you stupid ass projection for the National league teams. Lets see you put the Pirates at 63-99. How are the Giants 59-104? IT makes ZERO SENSE. The Giants at least have a very talented pitching staff. While the Pirates have??? Nothing... And You are 17! It kills me when you come on here and say that you have sources and can talk to scouts. You never once provide proof, you just expect your readers to believe you. As an A's fan, I really don't care about what projection you do, because I know that they are gonna be pretty bad. But the way you consistently dog the Giants is ridiculous.

D'Andre Williams 3:22 PM CDT  

Finally somebody gives the Atlanta Braves some respect. The Braves are going to surprise a great deal of people this year.

Anonymous 3:37 PM CDT  

Well, Smoltz is fragile and the the Braves' pen is not great. Moylan was great but lets see him do it again. Soriano is closing for the first time, and their rotation includes Hampton and Glavine (falling apart).

Anonymous 4:00 PM CDT  

Stupid NL East projection
Braves will NEVER win more than 85-87 games...and you think the Mets will have the same record as last year? Preposterous...

Anonymous 4:12 PM CDT  

No way the Phillies win only 84 games. The rotation is better than last year and so is the bullpen. The offense is the best in the NL.

Gillick is also a very savvy in season GM. Every year he makes a move to put the Phils in the mix. two years ago, it was Moyer, last year it was Lohse. He will plug the holes.

Anonymous 4:16 PM CDT  

The braves with 92 wins and the nl east? I doubt it. The Phils and Mets have better hitting and better pitching (at least in the 1-2 spots). The Braves rotation is old.

You make it sound like Brad Lidge is done for the year...his velocity is up around 92 right now and he will be eligible to come off the DL on April 5.

Anonymous 4:43 PM CDT  


Slice 4:45 PM CDT  

Atanta does look to have a strong lineup but I think you should've projected them placing second. They only lost lidge for 5 games and I think there bullpen is better than last year.

Anonymous 5:33 PM CDT  

I completely disagree with your projections of the NL West. Dan Haren will be good, but will find it difficult adjusting to the park in Phoenix that plays very small. With that said, Haren has been dinged every year with gopher balls and number are skewed by how big Oakland's ballpark plays. SD will crumble because of no offense to support the pitching. AZ kids will be taking their lumps this year because pitchers do adjust to hitters, especially young hitters. LA and Col are the team to watch for in this division. SF will be the odd man out because of how tough this division will be all year.

Anonymous 5:56 PM CDT  

are you crazy brinson? The Mets dont have much besides Wright-Reyes-Johan? How about the best rotation in the NL with 2 former CY Young Winners and 2 15 game winners last year. Johan Maine is having a lights out spring and Oliver Perez is in a contract year. Pedro looks great throwing in the 90s. The Mets are getting Duaner Sanchez back soon and he was unhittable in 2006 so that will improve the pen a lot. The Mets have Carlos Beltran who has won the Gold Glove award and hit over 30 hrs and 100 rbi the last couple years and have one of the best closers in the league in Billy Wagner who will not be burnt out this year now that they're going to be getting 7 innings of Johan and are able to push Pedro more. Mets are going places this year!

Anonymous 6:14 PM CDT  

Read Rob Neyer's article on the top 50 players of the next 5 years the mets have 4 of the top 26! Everyone says the Braves are underrated but talking about them so much is making them overrated. Tom Glvaine dosent have it anymore and Mike Hampton hasnt pitched in 2 years. They have a question mark in CF with Kotsay and Diaz isnt a very good LF compared to Mo Alou even if he only plays 100 or so games. The Mets will win the division and the Braves will finish behind the Phils.

Me 6:59 PM CDT  

Health is a huge issues with the Mets and don’t have near the offense people say they do they will struggle to stay near the top of the east because Perez is inconsistent Maine is coming off a great season but will hitters be able to adjust and the BP has some health issues too

If Johan or Pedro goes down for more then a month the season is lost because the Mets have no depth in pitching

Superman 7:34 PM CDT  

You think the Jays will be as good as the Mets this year, W-L wise? I just can't see it

Anonymous 8:13 PM CDT  

Uh yeah guys. How DARE anyone pick anybody but the METS to win the division. One thing that the Braves have is DEPTH. You talk about the Braves being old, how bout the Mets. Tex, KJ. Frenchy, McCann, Chipper, Matty Diaz , Escobar, you think this is a WEAK lineup? Take out Reyes, Beltran and Wright and the Mets aren't that great. Please don't say that Delagado, Schneider and Church even compare. As far as the rotation being OLD, how about Wagner, Martinez, Hernandez? You know if Smoltz, Glavine (Who did win 13 games last year) get hurt we have a plethoria of guys who can step in, James (22-14 in two MLB starts). Jurjerrins, Bennet and Reyes. The BRaves have a logjam in the infield and outfield as WELL, something the METS don't have thanks to NO farm system. The Braves have won 14 divisonal titles in the last 15 years, the Mets ONE. You don't just get the east handed to you because you"Re the METS. You have to EARN it. Nice colaspe last year by the way. There's a reason why people like Gammons is saying and Rosenthall stated DO NOT sleep on the BRAVES!!! Signing Johann just made the Mets instant contenders instead of serious PRETENDERS! Nothing more. Why don't you let the season begin before you discount any team, because if the last two years are any indication, the Mets are nothing more than pretenders. Eli this was not directed at you.

George 9:44 PM CDT  

Eli, dude, you are crazy...Mets have "nagging" injuries, but the Braves don't....Smoltz will start the season on the DL. Glavine is completely lost it. And Hampton hasn't pitched in 2+ years. Plus no A. Jones in CF....Braves will be lucky to win 85. My prediction: Mets 92 wins, Phillies 90 wins, Braves 85 wins....

D'Andre Williams 9:51 PM CDT  

I want you Mets and Phillies fans listen up. On the baseball side of things the Braves match up pretty dang well with the Mets and Phillies. The Braves have a deeper rotation than both teams. The Braves biggest weakness last year was the 3-4-5 starters last year. having Jurrjens, Glavine, Bennett, James, Carlyle, and J. Reyes is going to be huge. If you think Tom Glavine is going to have a horrible season next year your wrong. Glavine is a 300 game winter and he knows how to pitch. He is having a good spring so far for the Braves. Mike Hampton and Jair Jurrjens is going to surprise a great deal of people this year. Hampton has had the best spring out of every Braves pitching in spring. His stuff just looks absolutely nasty. The lineups are almost even though The lineup matchup is interesting. Kelly Johnson gets on base at a great clip and hits for good power at the 2nd base position. Yunel Escobar has great range and arm at short and he is going to hit for a high average and show some power. Chipper is the leader and a great clutch hitter for the Braves. Plus he played GOLD GLOVE defense last year(Chipper got robbed for the Gold Glove). I can see they game the Gold Glove award to Pedro Feliz or Aramis Ramierz, but Wright? humm. Anyways Chipper is really the hurt of the Braves lineup. Francoeur is going to have a breakout season for the Braves this year. He added 17 pounds of muscle and is looking to maintain his .290 average and to hit 30 homers. Teixeira is great choice for MVP this year. Kotsay is just a stop gap guy for the next young and talented super prospect Jordan Schafer. Schafer has been compared to Indians star Grady Sizemore. He had a GREAT spring for the Braves and Braves GM said that he is one call away from starting in CF. If you think that Diaz can't hit you're stupid and ignorant. Diaz has hit over .325 for the past season for the Braves. Diaz is a hitting machine so I am not worried about him at all. Brian McCann is the best catcher in the NL East. He is fulling healthy so he is primed for a good season. I can't really compare the bullpens because I really don't know how the Mets and Phis pen is going to look like. I do know all of the Braves relievers have fastballs that range between 93-98(Manny Acosta and Chris Resop has hit 100 a couple of times last season). The Braves pen is full of strikeout pitchers that can throw strikes. Plus, adding Mike Gonzalez in early June is like adding a closer in midsesaon. The Braves also have one of the best farm systems in the majors. So if we need to go out before the trading deadline to make a move to get a guy like Fuentes or a guy like Blanton, we have the players to do it(like JoJo Reyes, Chuck James, Brent Lillibridge and Brandon Jones). It is going to be a great battle between the Bravos, Mets, and Phillies this year. Everybody tune in to ESPN at 8:00 to see a glimpse at the 2008 NL East Champions Atlanta Braves.

Anonymous 9:55 PM CDT  

these predictions are ridiculous especially the ones in the west.....the dodgers have the best pitching staff in the national league, let alone the west.

Anonymous 10:27 PM CDT  

It's funny that the one guy is bashing Eli and is an A's fan. Doesn't the idiot know that A's GM Billy Beane loves the site, and has talked to Eli?

Do some research you moron.

Anonymous 10:50 PM CDT  

best pitching in the nl west? wow, YOU dont know baseball.

Anonymous 7:45 AM CDT  

It's a PREDICTION, girls! We ALL know that things can happen during the season and nothing is guaranteed. So WHAT if Eli thinks your team will win 85 games and you think they'll win 87? The proof's in the PLAYING. Reach back and pull your panties out of the bunch they're in and get a life!

Slice's View 8:59 AM CDT  

Not a braves fan (I'm a phillie fan) but I have to say braves have always had a good farm system since cox been manager. Every player that has been brought up through the system ends up putting up good numbers, I can see why he put them to beat out the rest of the NL east. The phillies farm system is fianlly worth taking a look at so phillies might use there farm system in trades to make there team better. The mets do got johan but there rotation isn't as good oliver perez can be wild most of the time and injuries does kill a team chemistry, not being a met hater just stating the obvious. I honestly think the nationals and marlins are gonna make a run for the playoffs this year even though the marlins seem to be rebuilding there team and the nationals got a new ballpark so it might work to there advantage even though that's not always the case. Just thought I throw my two sense in.

Anonymous 6:08 PM CDT  

The Dbacks are the 2nd best team in the NL West. You are seriously overlooking the youth studs on the LA Dodgers. Look for breakout seasons by Billingsley, Kemp, and Loney in 2008 that will surpass your Dback predictions. With the best Catcher in the league, and one of the best pitching staffs in the NL, and the addition of Andruw, I believe they will finish First. Your paragraph was indeed a prediction that will surely change.

ATLslugger 2:15 AM CDT  

this is one of the most heated blogs that i have ever seen! and this WILL be a very exciting and competitive season!!!

oh yeah, i forgot....


-thanks Eli

Anonymous 10:16 AM CDT  

Do you Dodgers fans really think Andruw Jones will find his bat again? Maybe a new start will turn him around, but if not - it'll be another huge strikeout total with low BA and OBP.

Padres fans are caught up in the same Prior hysteria that Chicago experienced. Will THIS be the year Mark finally puts it all back together?

matt 5:13 PM CDT  

the braves rotation is not deeper than the mets. They have 3 good starters glavine, hudson, and smoltz. the mets have 4 legitament starters. and a fifth starter who on any given night can pitch a good game. If u add a healthy el duque to an already stacked rotation than there is no way u can pick against the mets in the east. Especially considering that the braves 4th starter hampton hasnt pitched in 2 years

ME 8:24 PM CDT  

Its easy to pick agaisnt the mets because if Pedro or Santana goes down they have NO depth and it WILL come back to haunt them

Jordan 8:08 AM CDT  

finally someone that sees things the way i do! i think youre dead on with all of the NL predictions...atlantas depth will make them superior to the rest in the division...the central is weak and the cubs are the strongest of them...and the west is stroooong..and pitching wins championships...arizona and san diego have the best pitching in the division by far...all the broadcastors on ESPN are picking san diego to be 4th...i dont know what theyre thinking...the only question i have about all of this is that i think the dodgers might end up better than the rockies...thatll be a close one though...who knows