Giles to Dodgers?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

According to the Denver Post, the Rockies are trying to sell the idea of taking on Marcus Giles to the Dodgers. Jayson Nix has won over the second base job and has people very excited about the future middle infield tandem of Tulowitzki and Nix. Giles has had a good spring and has reestablished some of his trade value, but does not have room on the Rockies roster. He is not very versatile, but the Dodgers could use a second baseman to platoon with Kent. And although they have Tony Abreu, he is already filling a spot at third because Garciaparra and LaRoche are down. I recently put in a call to someone close to the Dodgers, and talks are supposedly a lot farther along than people think. I think a deal like this will go down this week, because both teams needs to make decisions about their roster soon.


Anonymous 11:15 PM CDT  

There won't be a deal, the Dodgers know the Rockies will release Giles. Why trade anyone for Giles when you can pick him up for free? Believe me, know one else would touch him, 2B are a dime a dozen and Giles won't be the best available.

Anonymous 10:14 AM CDT  

More hackery. Do any rumors on this site ever come true? Yawn.

Eli 12:53 PM CDT  

That is the beauty of baseball rumors. There is so much talk, so much surprise. It always keeps you guessing.