Murton Would Help Any Team

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recent reports out of Chicago suggest that Ronny Cedeno and Mike Fontenot will get to the final two roster sports, meaning outfielder Matt Murton is heading to Triple-A. Most of you know I believe Murton will be a big time player, assuming he can play everyday at the MLB level. In 195 games between 2005 and 2006, he hit .309 with 20 HR with a .375 OBP. He hit .281 with 8 HR in 94 games last season, but he should be an everyday player somewhere in 2008. There are rumors flying around that the Red Sox and Padres are the two teams most interested, and for Murton's sake, I hope a trade happens soon.

For those of you that do not know, the Cubs home schedule favors day games. There are several night games that go into day games, causing some players to become worn down by mid-May or June. Murton hit .295 during night games, but again struggled during day games. He hit very well on the road, an impressive .322, and I think he would be a very successful outfielder on a different team.

I have been calculating some projections of Murton on different teams in everyday roles, and they come out nicely. I believe he has the potential to hit .285-.295 range consistently, with 20-25 homeruns. Someone that you could compare him to is Larry Walker, before he went to Colorado. Murton's strength's are that he is very patient, has a great swing that finds the gaps, and above average speed. What would it cost a team like the Padres for Murton? Matt Antonelli or Wade LeBlanc?

Matt Murton's Cubs Projection:
.284 AVG, 23 HR, 69 RBI

Matt Murton's Padres Projection:
.307 AVG, 18 HR, 76 RBI

Matt Murton's Red Sox Projection:
.294 AVG, 20 HR, 68 RBI

Maybe this convinces you that he is a solid all around player, maybe it doesn't. Nevertheless, the Cubs are making a mistake by keeping him in Triple-A and it is hurting his chances to be an everyday player.


Anonymous 10:56 PM CDT  

Alright alright. As a long time basher of you and your stance on Murton, you have made some valid points.

Anonymous 10:59 PM CDT  

Get over the man-love for Murton. He is an average at best player that is a dime-a-dozen. Nice fill in player only.

Anonymous 11:01 PM CDT  

if you do indeed do calculations, they make sense.

Anonymous 11:03 PM CDT  

Man-love??? I disagree, he has got a natural talent and will be good. a lesser nick markakis, in my opinion.

Anonymous 11:41 PM CDT  

couldnt agree more

Chris Cuzy 11:44 PM CDT  

Murton is the man. This sucks. The Cubbies are making a mistake. I rather have Murton then Pie.

Anonymous 11:45 PM CDT  

I'm pretty upset about Murton basically being shoved off of the Cubs. Murton is a great all around player and would be a great asset to any team.

Anonymous 12:19 AM CDT  

He's actually fit in very nicely for the Mets while Alou's out and to platoon with Church and spell Alou later on.

Anonymous 3:48 AM CDT  

What about the Mets? Are they another option?

Anonymous 6:44 AM CDT  

Padres are not going to trade Antonelli or Leblance for him. They will wait until he is out of options and pick him up on waivers.

Anonymous 7:10 AM CDT  

lmao at lesser Markakis and the Larry Walker comparison. He hits 20 dingers in about 200 games and if you watch the Cubs know he is a ground ball machine yet somehow he is a lock for 25 homers. Seriously you need to let go of the man crush he is a borderline starter or above average 4th OF. If he were as good as your delusions he would not be about to be sent down for the 4th year in a row.

Anonymous 8:17 AM CDT  

Murton is a solid everyday left fielder for the right team. Too bad the Cubs don't have a spot for him, but that would mean giving up Soriano's bat. Hopefully they can get a prospect or two for him.

Anonymous 12:05 PM CDT  

Murton is caught in a numbers game and anyone preferring him over Pie is dilusional...the Cubs don't have room for another corner outfielder and he cannot play center everyday. I'd love to have the luxury of carrying him for the bench but he isn't versatile enough and Derosa and Reed Johnson are capable as well as Ward for spot duty.

Anonymous 2:01 PM CDT  

No delusional is keeping Murton over Pie, Murton has had multiple years to stand out and Pie is a kid still learning. His time to prove himself has not passed, saying Murton is great all around is insane. You ever watched him play defense? He is a freaking butcher out there, he needs to go to the AL and even then he don't have enough pop to be a DH.

Anonymous 7:52 PM CDT  

I like Murton, but where do you expect the Cubs to play him?
He's average at best in the outfield and they have the corner spots set for a few years with Soriano and Fukodome ,so where would he play?
Pie has had a good spring and Johnson can play center, something Murton can't so that why Johnson gets the 4th OF spot