2008 Yankees Projections

Monday, March 24, 2008

DH Hideki Matsui
.293 AVG, 27 HR, 112 RBI
C Jorge Posada
.288 AVG, 16 HR, 81 RBI
1B Jason Giambi
.249 AVG, 21 HR, 73 RBI
2B Robinson Cano
.322 AVG, 18 HR, 100 RBI
3B Alex Rodriguez
.303 AVG, 48 HR, 148 RBI
SS Derek Jeter
.327 AVG, 13 HR, 77 RBI
LF Johnny Damon
.278 AVG, 14 HR, 63 RBI
CF Melky Cabrera
.286 AVG, 12 HR, 68 RBI
RF Bobby Abreu
.280 AVG, 17 HR, 104 RBI

SP Chien-Ming Wang
17-6 W-L, 3.87 ERA, 91 K
SP Andy Pettitte
14-8 W-L, 3.91 ERA, 137 K
SP Phil Hughes
15-7 W-L, 3.65 ERA, 110 K
SP Mike Mussina
10-13 W-L, 4.93 ERA, 114 K
SP Ian Kennedy
10-8 W-L, 4.32 ERA, 92 K



Anonymous 5:13 PM CDT  

i think they could win the division....

Anonymous 7:17 PM CDT  

go yanks

Anonymous 8:18 PM CDT  

what about a joba chamberlain starter projection?

he is going to get some starts this year, so could you make a relative projection?

Anonymous 8:23 PM CDT  

I think a few more wins for Andy and Wang each
I think Wang might reach 20 wins this year because he is working on a slider and change and seems to have improved as a pitcher

Moose seems to be on track to have a bounce back year

About 5-10 more HRS for Cano and the offense looks good

Where do u think the yankees will finish this year


i think Posada will hit like .306 Abreu will hit 21 hrs this year Matsui 30 hr and Giambi 28 Cano like 7 more HR and 10 RBI'S AND Melky more AVG maybe like .295 and Cing Mng WANG 19-21 wins and IAN KENNEDY 11-13 WINS WITH MORE STRIKE OUTS AND ADD PHIL HUGHES TWO MORE WINS AND YANKEES WIN THE EAST AND THEY FINALLY BREAKE TROW THE FIRST ROUND CURSE.