Giants Woes Get Worse

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Giants first lost Omar Vizquel for an extended amount of time and turned to Kevin Frandsen and Brian Bocock to take over his duties. However, the Giants lost Kevin Frandsen today for the rest of the season, leaving someone who has never played about Single-A with the job. Frandsen, who ruptured his Achilles tendon today, was expected to be the Opening Day shortstop. He has potential to be a solid utility player, but doesn't pan out to be an everyday player. I think the Giants need to make a trade now. "Fire Sabean" websites are starting up everyday because restless fans are frustrated with Front Office decisions. If they want to move Aurilia to short, they could trade for Wes Helms. Or if they want a shortstop, they could trade for Felipe Lopez. Unfortunately, the Giants really do not much to offer in their minor league system. They have some solid young pitchers, so if they trade Matt Cain for a solid hitter they would be taking a step in the right direction.


Anonymous 9:12 PM CDT  

Look for SF to pick up Lopez from the Nats after the Nats put him on waivers.

Gabe Mickartz 10:42 PM CDT  

Matt Cain has a chance to be one of the most dominant pitchers in the league. He is only 24 and just a few months older than Tim Lincecum is and he already has a couple years of time in the bigs. Anything short of an all-star heart of the order slugger would not be enough to snag him. That and he just dominated in his last spring start.....

Anonymous 12:10 AM CDT  

The Giants thought it a good idea to let Bonds break the homerun record for PR reasons, then proved their lack of integrity by not pursuing him further. Expect several years (7?) of these curses. Reap-->Sow

Anonymous 12:31 AM CDT  

Cain is going nowhere, and neither is Lincecum. The team would have to get back two better-than-average position players for one of these guys, and no team will offer that much.

obsessivegiantscompulsive 3:58 AM CDT  

You really need to get your facts straight before you write about things. Frandsen was yanked from the starting SS job long again, that is such old news! Bocock was the guy slated to start at SS, at least until the Giants picked up Jose Castillo for a lookie-loo, and now he's in their plans.

Trading Cain away makes about as much sense as the dutch boy pulling out his finger out of one hole in the dike to plug up another hole. In fact, it is worse, because at least with Cain, the Giants fans have someone to root for, if Cain is traded for someone, there will be a lot of enmity for the new guy, no matter who he is, because he's not going to be good enough.

And that's where you fall down twice in this post, Cain is not even available, Sabean made that very clear in the off-season, it was Lincecum who apparently was considered in trade for Rios (he was not offered, he was asked for; there's a difference).

I think it's idiotic for anyone to suggest the Giants trade Cain or Lincecum to shore up the hitting. Unless the players the Giants get back in return makes the lineup good - which essentially means you get two plus hitters for Cain or Lincecum, an unlikely scenario - there is nothing good that can happen from trading either of the two pitchers for hitting. The Giants will still not win the division with the new hitter, and the Giants fans will be mad, even if they do win, because we lost one of our future aces.

Anonymous 6:37 AM CDT  

The Giants will not trade Matt Cain to fill the current holes in the lineup-period.

Anonymous 8:17 AM CDT  

obsessivegiantscompulsive, why BE A BOOB by beating up on eli for stating his opinion? What good does Cain do by winning 20 games for a last-place team? Here's a fact for you: the Giants will suck BIG TIME this year. Their only hope is to start building, and they do that by trading what talent they have for multiple players with potential. Here's another fact: a high-school student is writing a world-famous sports blog that rivals the sports networks in viewership. I saw YOUR site - LOL!

NYteamsWin 12:41 PM CDT  

Ruben Gotay is on waivers could be a good pick up

Anonymous 2:11 PM CDT  

Man...I'm a Dodger fan (yeah I know), and of course this makes many Dodger fans VERY happy because the Giants have such a, well, "average" line up for the 08 season. Their line up is borderline ridiculous at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm expecting another typical Dodger season, but there's not much hope for the Gigantes this season and if I were an SF fan I would be beyond frustrated with their organization/front office at this point. What the hell are they doing? Actually, the question is what are they NOT doing?! Cain and Lincecum MUST stay. Hell, I love seeing Lincecum pitch! Either way, they need a big trade soon, but that boat may have passed. Good luck Giant fans.

Anonymous 7:43 PM CDT  

they only guy they should not trade is cain!
anybody else i would think is avilable when you suck as bad as we do

Anonymous 5:35 AM CDT  

The nail in the coffin for Giants was the signing of Zito..he's a 4 or 5 starter at best these days