Brian Roberts To White Sox?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This comes as a surprise after the Cubs and Orioles have been talking about a trade for over four months now. However, Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Orioles have been scouting Juan Uribe, and have also been spotted a few of the White Sox minor league games. The Orioles are looking for a middle infielders and adding Juan Uribe at shortstop while acquiring four or five other players might be worth it. Uribe didn't have much of an impact on the White Sox last season, but has just one year on his contract and if he can have a good year, it would probably be worth it with the four or five other players. However, it is unclear whether or not Brian Roberts would put this team over the brink. Actually, it is a certainty. The Cubs are on the brink of being a serious World Series contender, and Roberts coming over would probably put them in to the playoffs, barring any major injuries. I doubt the Orioles are looking to send Roberts to the Sox, especially if the Cubs are willing to offer better prospects. Many suspect a deal will get done by Opening Day, and I think it will also.


Anonymous 12:03 AM CDT  

interesting, but wont happen

Anonymous 10:10 AM CDT  

Roberts to the Sux , not gonna happen. That's MacFailure's pathetic attempt to play hardball. Andy should stick to bean counting.

Anonymous 3:40 PM CDT  

If the O's are unhappy with what they'd get from the Cubs, they'll be REALLY disappointed with what's left in the Sox farm system.

Anonymous 12:02 PM CDT  

It doesn't surprise me at all that the Orioles are scouting Juan Uribe. After all, the Orioles have no shortstops, and the Sox have two. Seems like they're doing a bit of bottom feeding.

It also doesn't surprise me that the Orioles scouts are attending minor league games of the White Sox, Cubs, or any other organization. That's what scouts do, especially when the big league club is in rebuilding mode.

I think it is a monumental leap to conclude that a Roberts to the Wsox trade is under consideration given the above two observations. It is entirely more likely that the two teams are considering swapping some second-tier major league (or minor league) talent to achieve a better mix for both clubs.

Bottom line, Brian Roberts ain't going to the south side any time soon. As for the north side, well...

As a side note, four or five players is WAY too much for Brian Roberts. Take note that the Marlins only got six players for Willis and Cabrera: two players I would consider at Roberts' level. I think people are hearing all of the names being bantered about, and start to think that they're all going over in the trade. I'm guessing three prospects at most, unless someone else is coming along with Roberts.

Anonymous 10:29 PM CDT  

You guys are talking like BRob is the missing link at second. I mean he is a great player. However I feel the trade for Uribe and some quality prospects would be good for both sides of the trade. Lets face is it the Orioles are going to gargle balls this season. Uribe was solid in 05 and 06 and thats what the O's need in this rebuilding segment; someone who could get the job done and some future prospects for the bigger picture.

Anonymous 12:22 AM CDT  

Pass on Uribe. The Orioles don't need a sub .300 OBP guy for one year.