Travel Day!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey everyone,

I'm heading back to Chicago today. Took up the sun in Florida for the week. Here is what is making news early this morning.

Sheets gone next season?: It is starting to settle in that Ben Sheets probably won't be a Brewer in 2009. I disagree, however. It is a great team and they will go far in 2009.

Dodgers still looking....: The Dodgers continue to look for help and are looking at Eric Hinske and Wes Helms.

Rockies looking for pitching?: After trading Ramon Ramirez to the Royals, Jorge De La Rosa is drawing interest from the Rockies.

Matt Murton to be traded today or tomorrow: Expect Matt Murton to be traded today, at the latest, tomorrow.

Juan Pierre wants out: Juan Pierre is openly upset about his situation in LA, and wants out. Maybe the Rockies would be interested in bringing him back?

Hope everyone had a good break as well,



Anonymous 10:04 AM CDT  

You took up the sun? Who are you? Atlas.

Ben Sheets is bad at, you know, staying helathy. So whether the Brewers will be good in 2009 hardly has much to do with him.

The Rockies have Scott Podsednik and Willy Taveras, two extremely light-hitting outfielders, already. Why in all that is holy would they take on another, especially with his contract?

Anonymous 1:41 PM CDT  

actually Ken Rosenthal just said 5 teams are interested in Murton but the Cubs asking price is way too high right now.
I just dont see the Cubs trading him for nothing. I expect Murt to start the year in the minors while the Cubs look for the best deal.

Anonymous 10:33 AM CDT  

Could be an interesting year for Sheets. If he continues to make frequent visits to the DL, he will lessen his value on the FA market. If he has a strong, injury-free year, Milwaukee probably won't be able to afford him.