Javy Lopez Retires

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long time Braves catcher Javy Lopez has decided to retire after learning he would not make the Opening Day roster. Lopez wasn't all that impressive hitting wise, but he was still in the running with the other three catchers: "We just think [Lopez] needs more time," Cox said. "He caught and received the ball really well. He blocked really good. Throwing, he needs more time back there." In fifteen major league seasons, Lopez hit .287 with 260 homeruns. His best year came in 2003 with 43 homeruns, but he fell after that year after joining the Orioles and than was ultimately released by the Red Sox. He is remembered for successfully handling some of the best pitchers in baseball during the nineties and his success in the playoffs.


Anonymous 4:23 PM CDT  

Long live Javy and his great career, he may not be hall of fame worthy but he will be remembered as one of the best catchers to play the game.

Anonymous 5:45 PM CDT  

no he wont he was a good catcher no more then that

Anonymous 5:37 AM CDT  

An average catcher who had 1 offensive good year. Maddux did not like him as a catcher.