2008 Top 100 Prospects: 81-90

Saturday, March 22, 2008

81. Eric Hurley, Rangers
- He has been around the minors some but keeps getting better. I don't see him becoming very successful in the MLB, but could turn out to be a successful bottom end of the rotation starter.

82. Nolan Reimold, Orioles
- Showed great power in the minors that transforms well in the MLB. He doesn't have a spot currently but I think they will make room.

83. Sean Gallagher, Cubs
- Solid pitcher in the Cubs organization, but has yet to show it at the MLB level. He can pitch deep into games and keeps his ERA down. He needs some time to mature, but should be a solid MLB pitcher soon.

84. Troy Patton, Orioles
- Top prospect in the Astros farm system before he was traded. He is down for the season, which I think hurts his potential. Still, he should be a good pitcher come 2009 or 2010.

85. Tim Alderson, Giants
- He very well could be the next big pitcher to come up for the Giants. Made a successful jump from high school to the minors, and is already progressing in Spring Training.

86. Michael Bowden, Red Sox
- He has been a Red Sox prospect for so long that people think he is starting to fade. However, he is a very good pitcher that will probably be one of the bottom two starters in the next couple years.

87. Collin Balester, Nationals
- Excellent stuff, but doesn't have great control. He should help the Nationas pitching staff though.

88. Jeff Niemann, Rays
- His big physique will make him a successful pitcher in the MLB. Yes, he is twenty-five, but he should make for a solid late inning pitcher once he improves on his command. We will see more of him in 2008.

89. Gorkys Hernandez, Braves
- He probably won't be up till 2010, but he has the potential to be an All-Star.

90. Edwar Ramirez, Yankees
- He struggled in his first season but his stuff is nasty. He has an incredible slider and a nasty changeup. GM Brian Cashman said his name came up a lot in trade talks but they couldn't let go of him. Should be a solid reliever for them in the future.


Anonymous 9:13 PM CDT  

I bookmarked your site Nov. 20 2006 and have read it everyday. I have noticed that you put up top 100 prospects this season and I think it shows how much you have learned about baseball. Not that you didnt know before, but that you have learned so much more. I read you, ESPN<, FOXSports. I think your site is superior to the rest.