National League Award Predictions

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The National League is still the inferior league, but I think the race for all four playoff spots is going to be very close.

National League MVP: Ryan Braun, Brewers
Darkhorse: Adrain Gonzalez, Padres

National League Cy Young: Johan Santana, Mets
Darkhorse: Carlos Zambrano, Cubs

National League Rookie of the Year: Geovanny Soto, Cubs
Darkhorse: Hiroki Kuroda, Dodgers

National League Comeback Player of the Year: Nick Johnson, Nationals
Darkhorse: Corey Patterson, Reds

Let's hear your predictions in the comment box below.


Anonymous 3:46 PM CDT  

i like the corey patterson darkhorse pick. But if Bruce has a good April, he's probably coming up. Hopefully they'll keep c-pat around. I liked watching him when he played for the O's. Great defender blazing speed, if he could lay off the down and away breakiing balls there is no reason why he couldn't get a multi year deal.

Anonymous 3:58 PM CDT  

Braun will never win the MVP - his defense is too awful.

Anonymous 4:42 PM CDT  

I love the National Leaguue being inferior comment!

National League MVP: David Wright, Mets.
Darkhorse: Chase Utley, Phillies

National League Cy Young: Johan Santana, Mets
Darkhorse: Cole Hamels, Phillies

National League Rookie of the Year: Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs
Darkhorse: Jayson Nix, Rockies

National League Comeback Player of the Year: Nick Johnson, Nationals
Darkhorse: Mark Prior, Padres

Bucky, NY 4:43 PM CDT  

Cy Young- Johan Santana
runner up- Cole Hamels

MVP- Matt Holiday
runner up- David Wright/Alfonso Soriano

Comeback-Mark Prior
runner up- Nick Johnson

ROY- Johny Ceuto-Reds
runner up- Fukedom-Cubs

Anonymous 5:21 PM CDT  

Comeback player is going to be LHP Mike Hampton

ME 6:32 PM CDT  

Comback player is going to be ZITO

Joe 8:43 PM CDT  

I dont think C Patt would qualify as a comeback player. Isnt the main qualification a player who is coming off an injury or retirement?

As a Cub fan... I like Soto... but I think either Japan import will win ROY... as unfair as that is to "true" rookies.

Anonymous 8:49 PM CDT  

Prior is on the 60-day DL, out til atleast late May, so he'll have to have a helluva second half to win comeback player of the year.

I like Adrain Gonzalez as the darkhouse, very underrated hitter. But I don't think Braun has any chance at the MVP this year. As said above, his fielding is absolutely awful. He's been having some nagging injuries this spring and his numbers were truly outta this world last year. I'm sensing a sophomore slump.

And I'm going with another catcher in the NL central for ROY, J.R. Towles.

Anonymous 8:52 PM CDT  

isn't a dark horse someone you wouldn't expect? In that case Carlos Zambrano can't be a dark horse.

and to that guy Utley can't be.

Slice's View 9:16 PM CDT  

I honestly believe johan won't win the cy young for the national league.Here's my predictions. If cole hamels stays healthy and doesn't give up so many homeruns he will win the cy young. Rookie of the year I don't know yet kinda hard to decide. I believe Chase utley will win the MVP or maybe Prince fielder.Comeback award is gonna go to mike hampton no doubt bout that.

Anonymous 9:57 PM CDT  

The CY Young will come from the NL West again this year! Santana and Hamels will be good but Peavy will have another stellar season with ERA under 3 and 220+ SO. Last year the first three pitchers in the NL CY Young race were from the NL West. The pitching in the West will dominate again this year.

Anonymous 11:27 PM CDT  

MVP david wright
darkhorse prince fielder

CY young Johan santana
darkhorse matt cain

ROY koske fukudome
darkhorse brian wilson

comeback player Pedro martinez
darkhorse luis gonzales

Anonymous 1:11 AM CDT  

Darkhorse ROY: Franklin Morales

Anonymous 2:00 AM CDT  

mike hampton for nl comeback player of the year??

its possible!

Anonymous 10:12 AM CDT  

I sure hope you're right about Soto. He had a disapointing spring training.

Anonymous 9:56 AM CDT  

Wow anonymous 3:58, what baseball have you been watching the last decade? Ryan Braun's defense is LF can be nowhere near as bad as Bonds' was 01'-04'.

But, you're really smart. So I guess your right.

Anonymous 3:14 AM CDT  

Cy Young - Jake Peavy
Runner Up - Johan Santana

MVP - Matt Holiday
Runner Up - Derek Lee

Comeback - Mark Prior
Runner Up - Nick Johnson

ROY - Geovanny Soto
Runner Up - Chase Headley