Brewers Acquire Johnny Estrada

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Brewers traded Doug Davis and a pair of prospects, lefty Dana Eveland and outfielder David Krynzel for Johnny Estrada, right-handed starter Claudio Vargas and right-handed reliever Greg Aquino. Estrada, who was an All-Star, and starter Doug Davis highlight the trade.

C Johnny Estrada- .302 11 HR 71 RBI
P Claudio Vargas- 12-10 4.83 123 K 167.2 IP
P Greg Aquino- 2-0 4.47 51 K 48.1 IP

P Doug Davis- 11-11 4.91 ERA 159 K 203.1 IP
OF Dave Krynzel- .231 7 HR 40 RBI
P Dana Eveland- 6-5 2.74 ERA 110 K 105 IP

After checking over stats and receiving feedback from baseball fans, I have come to the conclusion that the trade helps neither team. It could help the Diamondbacks in the long run if Dana Eveland comes through. But, Krynzel is next to nothing and Davis is mediocre at best, and is a free agent after this year. Yes, Estrada will be an upgrade a catcher, but defensively, he is losing his quickness. The Brewers do improve their bullpen, and Vargas might improve in the NL Central pitching in a similar type park to Arizona. However, both pitchers are very similar and Aquino will not make a huge dent with the new club. Below are some comparative stats of Vargas and Davis and how they did vs. the division which they will be playing in next year. Overall, the deal as it sounds today will not effect anyone drastically. So, it is to early to say either the Brewers or Diamondbacks as the clear cut winner.

Claudio Vargas (vs. NL Central)
4 wins 43.2 IP 8.72 ERA 39 K

Doug Davis (vs. NL West)
2 wins 51.1 IP 4.27 ERA 33 K


Anonymous 3:38 PM CST  

You are WAY overating Estrada. His defense is NOT fact he is fat and lazy and stabs at balls in the dirt and does not block with his body well. He throws pretty well though.

And check out his OBP. Just .328 and thats ALL batting average. If his BA drops even just a bit, he becomes a huge liability. He only had SIX !! non intentional walks last year, to go along with his 17 GIDP

Vargas might do better in Milwaukee than he did in AZ because of his flyball tendencies.

I think it's a good trade for both clubs....but don't get too enamored with Estrada.

Eli 3:45 PM CST  

you're probably right, thanks for the feedback