Dodgers, Randy Wolf Close?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

According to, the Dodgers and Randy Wolf are nearing a one year deal. The Dodgers are pursuing Wolf in case they lose out on Maddux, who is expected to want Mussina money(2/22.5). Wolf, 30, who missed a year due to surgery and then came back strong for the Phillies going 4-0. "From 2000 to 2003, Wolf went 48-39 with a 3.88 ERA, averaging 195 innings pitched and 165 strikeouts per season. In eight major-league seasons, he is 69-60 with a 4.21 ERA." He has proven he can pitch and I think teams are not worried about the risk with Wolf and his elbow. I think Wolf is a good pickup though, the Dodgers have great defense, especially with Juan Pierre in center, and Wolf can really thrive off that.


Anonymous 9:19 PM CST  

what's new with the cubs?

Eli 9:21 PM CST  

not much, I think they are working a deal with zambrano, to kill some time until dec. 1, to get rid of the collective barganing agreement thing. after that, the deal will be put on hold until probably after the winter meetings. I expect the Cubs to get a deal done with Meche, and possibly Floyd. there has also been speculation with lugo, but just speculation. I'll make a post sometime this week.

Anonymous 9:26 PM CST  

thanks...great site...check it daily and more quick question...think the deal for Westbrook or Lee will happen during the winter meetings and have you heard any of the AROD to St. Louis or the Cubs rumors?

Eli 9:38 PM CST  

arod has said he wants to stay in NY. Although there has been speculation about Westbrook or Lee coming to the Cubs, I do not see it happening. The Cubs do not have much to offer. jones costs way to much, and their outfield is set with Choo, Sizemore, and Blake. and cesar would take peralta's spot but they are satisfied with peralta. I see the Cubs signing Meche, and going after either Marquis, Suppan, assuming they do not win the bidding for Igawa. Here are the two options:

A: The Cubs play Soriano in center, trade Jones at trade deadline or next offseason and move soriano to right and pie in center.

B: Cubs unload Jones, moves soriano to right, and bring in lugo or a veteran outfielder

it is really hard to say. I think Hendry will hold off on the outfield and offer jones to teams in desperate need of an outfielder. A team that loses out on drew, will proabaly turn to teams that are looking to unload an outfielder. And jones, a lefty, could fit into some teams plans.

so to answer your question: no, the cubs will not acquire westbrook or lee (sorry), but they will trade jones.

Anonymous 9:47 PM CST  

hey, the Indians are fixing to contend too, so I'll tell you what if the Cubs offer up Bob Howry and Jones for Westbrook then we might do it? But not for Eyre, he doesn't have as much value as Howry would.

Anonymous 9:48 PM CST  

Thanks...I'm a big Cubs fan and the Suppan or Marquis idea does not thrill me. I would be in favor of Meche and I would be really excited if they brought in Padilla. I think he would be a good fit after only giving up 24 homeruns in Arlington. I would also wouldn't mind seeing Lugo in center but as for now Jones is our only lefty. I think the Alfonso experiment in center would be somewhat ugly

Eli 9:54 PM CST  

ooo yeah! padilla would be great too. there has been speculation about bringing him in as well. his agent is kinzer, so we could get an advantage there. also, howry and jones (with a prospect/cash) would for sure land someone like westbrook or jones.

Anonymous 9:58 PM CST  

the biggest mistake we made last season was not resigning Howry to a 3 year deal like he wanted. I'm not saying he was the only reason we took five steps back but I think he could have given us a few more wins just setting up Wicky in the first half of the season and then who knows?

Eli 10:03 PM CST  

yeah, absoultely. but with eyre and possibly wood in the bullpen he could be expendable. i hope a trade gets done, we have to take in to count, that are defense is so much better this year with cesar and lee back, and some power with soriano, are bullpen could lack someone like howry and be successful. getting back to the rotation, miller and marshall will probably platoon at the 5th spot in the rotation.

Anonymous 10:06 PM CST  

Howry should be an untouchable. Wood, Cotts, and Dempster are all question marks as far as I'm concerned. He was great last year and could step up as closer if needed next year. IMHO, keep the bullpen set...get a stopgap CF until pie is ready (or trade pie for a stude SP and get a FA CF in the offseason such as Wells)...And get 2-3 SP's that can eat innings and keep the pen rested so we don;t led the NL in innings pitched...thoughts?

cantonguy 10:11 PM CST  

as an Indians fan I love Jake Westbrook because he has grown into a pitcher, but with the way our market is today I just can't see us making a big splash in the free agent which frustrates me but also it is what it is. We could have had Alou, but he inetad took a one year deal to New York. We might have Borowski (His agent is Mark's father) but he also said he wants to play for Boston. But I also understand Jake has value and if we trade him for a "prospect" then it's garbage. So if we were to get a bonafide ML then maybe I could part with him. The one guy I want us to get though is Mike Gonzales and I think if we offer up Jake they would think about it, but at the same time if we were to get rid of Jake then we must sign a free agent SP to immedately take his place. So who knows, I think he will stay regardless.

Eli 10:12 PM CST  

i completely agree. the bullpen should be left the way it is. I say sign someone like lofton or lugo to play center. you sign lugo, play him in center this year and then move him to short next season so pie can have his spot. then you trade cesar for prospects or something. I say Meche for sure, Padilla would be great. If we could sign both it would cost about 18-20 million. I think hendry is set on going with miller at the 5th spot. and if he fails, he could try marshall again.

Eli 10:16 PM CST  

so do i, but i keep changing my mind when i see a good trade. jones and cesar do not fit into your lineup, unless choo doesnt start. haha, jones is expensive though. i see the indians and cubs not getting a trade done.

Anonymous 10:19 PM CST  

I got a feeing about Prior this season as well. Call me an optimist, but I think he will return to dominant form, since they found out he just had loseness in his shoulder joint and that it is believed to be genetic. Mark O'Neal is with him now monitoring basically everything he does and they are using a strength program specifically designed to strengthen his shoulder.

Just Speculating Here But This would be awesome and possible.

1. Dirty Z
2. Hill (just because he is different than the 2 he would be sandwiched between)
3. Prior/Padilla (pending Prior and Padilla of course)
4. Meche/Suppan/Marquis/Maddux??
5. Miller/Marshall/Anyone else above not used in that spot

Solid and definitely possible, at least some combination of the above

cantonguy 10:24 PM CST  

as it stands now Choo and Michaels would platoon in left. Grady would be our Cf and Casey would play RF, but I have read all along the Indians want to upgrade in their outfield. But again when the first rumor about Jake and the Cubs came about the report was Jake for Dempster and Matt Murton. So does that make our team better? No, Jason Michaels can do what Matt Murton can do, even if Matt's power is more.

Anonymous 10:26 PM CST  

What are the Phillies doing? Anything at all?

Eli 10:29 PM CST  

yeah i agree. the cubs won't trade murton. he is too young and shows to much potential.

for the phillies, they are pursuing Trot Nixon and I think they have had serious discussions. they have also inquired about manny ramirez, but I doubt a deal would happen if they get nixon. they have also had minor discussions with adam eaton. I let you know more this week.

Eli 10:31 PM CST  

My guess for the Cubs rotation is:


prior could platoon with miller in may and take over the spot in june if he is healthy.

Anonymous 10:34 PM CST  

I know Gillick doesn't like Ramirez, but the Phils are always full of suprises. alright, many other phils fans and I are greatly anticipating something good to happen for us. so yeah, will be checking periodically. thanks.

Eli 10:35 PM CST  

thank you, i appreciate it. i let you know on other forums and post periodically updating phillies fans.

Anonymous 10:42 PM CST  

you know of any other sites like this one?

Eli 10:43 PM CST  


i give you these in trust that you will keep visting mine...just kidding.

type in mlb rumors on google and the first result you get a like a lot. its called pro sports daily.

Anonymous 10:46 PM CST  

I'll definitely keep checking...keep those Cubs reports coming Eli. Keep up the good work!

Eli 10:50 PM CST  

will do. thanks for the support