Readers Note

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do to several sites ratings of sports blogs, it is appropriate that we don the title: "Best Sports Blog." We are ranked Best Sports Blog/Site on four sites:

1) Accredited Sports Blogs (To contact:
2) Top 100 Sports Sites
3) Blog Standings (To contact:

While we ranked top five in:

2) Top 100 Baseball Sites (5)
2) Bloggers Choice Awards

And ranked top fifty in:

1) Gnuru Sports Sites
2) Best Baseball Sites

I am proud of how far the site has come in just one year, and thank every reader for contributing to the sites success.



Anonymous 3:32 PM CST  

sorry you didnt win the best sports blog this year by blogger, but can you still "don the title" best sports blog?

Eli 4:14 PM CST  

i won the sites at the top and that is why I don the title

Anonymous 11:02 AM CST  

isnt asb nation just the four blogs affiliated with bbrumors?

Eli 12:31 PM CST  

know, you submit your blog address through email to them and then they rate you on content, hits, advertisements, and other things.